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Thread: Hops n Hogs

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyChance View Post
    No we cooked all three whole, they were small, just sucklings. We also had 50lbs of pork shoulder butt that we made into sausage and made pulled pork with. We also had 4 bellies that we had confit the day before.
    Porky goodness!

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    Yeah that's badass, I was sad I missed it last year and even more so now. I'm gonna have to show up there one of these days to get my fix!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    Next time how about a little notice so we can partake!
    Our next event is Clambake & Cocktails, a coursed meal with each course paired with a different craft cocktail. I think it is going to be in August, on a Monday. I will find the exact date tonight, maybe you guys can get an NYC contingent to make the voyage for the evening.
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