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Thread: Carter Damascus.

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    Carter Damascus.

    It's funny Damascus cladding doesen't really do much for me,this is REDUCED to $1000 lol

    I remember warren got a full set of these made, just insane.

    Basically, WANT!

    How to carve the Christmas turkey like a boss 101.

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    Just outrageous.

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    Hmm. Doesn't excite me either.

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    I kind of meant the usual damascus stuff like HD's, even some of the higher end stuff does nothing for me.

    Carters stuff though.. I'd still do cruel and unusual things for one of these.

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    There's enough variety amongst different knives and makers to suit everyone and to get us all bankrupt

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    yeah, I was just thinking, hmmm how could I afford this and then had a serious word with myself lol

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    Hmmm. Damascus is ALL about looks, so the look of that damascus doesn't do a lot for me.

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    I know it might be in my mind but I think murals Damascus stuff is even better performing than his regular seems harder too.....Ryan

    viva la revolucion !

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