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Thread: Out of the Box

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    It isn't a bad thing some indications are being given, to avoid crazy expectations ("treat VG-10 as you would carbon steel") or underperforming ("put a symmetric 15 degree on all J-blades"),
    One has to deal with a very heterogeneous population, and have to stay on the safe side. An experienced sharpener, home cook, will enjoy a gyuto sharpened at some 20-25 degree inclusive. The same knife used in a pro environment will perhaps need a 35 degree inclusive angle.

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    One thing to add is that some knives require more 'strokes' to raise a burr than others--due to steel, ht, etc.

    Another is that everyone uses different amounts of pressure so my 5 strokes may be 2 of yours...I agree with others, pick an angle and raise a burr, flip and deburr, inspect. Test your edge.

    Good luck--and stop counting
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