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Thread: What kind of Belt Grinders do you guys have?

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    What kind of Belt Grinders do you guys have?

    I've gotten my eyeballs oogling a Burr King 960-272. It'll be two years before I can afford it. If I can save consistently & cut back on my expensive beer habit, I might be able to have it.

    What do you guys have (for use with knives particularly) ??


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    Delta 1x42, Coote 2x72 and a TW-90.


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    Not sure what it is but it scares me.

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    KMG grinder.

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    Variable speed KMG and a Jancy Radiusmaster. Still have a 2 x 42 Craftsman around somewhere,

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    Palmgren 2 x 42 inch belt grinder though I have been using the 1 inch wide belts. Will be trying the 2 x 42 inch belts in future. Normally use the 220 grit adn 1,000 grit belts. Like it as the center portion ( flat piece ) can be adjusted.
    essential for some convexity grinding. Another feature I like abt this machine is the auto tracking on belts ( always dead center)

    Recently i bought the 4 in x 30 inch grinder ( china made). this wld be great for small wood working esp handle makers as the flat surface is not adjustable. THus I only have a small area to work with.. near the rollers to work on the edge and spine.

    Great for removing dings, rounding of spine and tip of bolster problem and general steel removal on the edge when needed.

    Dream Grinder.. the 72 inch belt grinder that allows you to change the platten
    Have fun..

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    I use my buddies KMG to do most of the work but clean everything on an old 6x48 Craftsman Sander.

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    Two burr kings and a tw 90 and two 9 inch disk sanders

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    These are on sale now for $60 at HF so I bit the bullet and bought one two weeks ago. Before I was using a large delta stand belt/disc sander and this is slower and allows a little more precise work. This is by FAR not a top of the line product, but not the worst for starters. The rpms are 1080 for the belt and 1800 or so for the disc from what I read in the manual.

    Name Combination 4" x 36" Belt/6" Disc Sander
    SKU 97181
    Brand Central Machinery

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    I welded up a KMG clone and it works great. I will be getting a TW-90 in the spring.

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