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Thread: Beer, beer, beer!

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    Parkbrau Pirminator! A smooth helle bock with a kickass alcohol content.

    Unfortunately, you can't get here - and they won't ship to the US (I tried). Been over thirty years since I've had one & I still miss it.


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    Hair of the Dog brewing from Portland, Or has some truly great beers. Right now my fridge has Lagunitas "Undercover Investigation Shutdown", which has a very nice balance of hop and malt. If you like IPAs, Ninkasi Total Domination is a good one, and if you REALLY like IPAs, Tricerahops Double IPA is just the ticket.
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    Spend some time fishing in Motana and really love the Pils from Bayern Brewery. I look forward to my trip up there so I can enjoy a cold one after spending the day on the water. I tend to drink Stone IPA as my daily libation. $26 a case at my local Costco.


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    Brooklyn Brewery's Local One is pretty tasty too.
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    I'll throw in another vote for Lagunitas' Undercover Investigation Shutdown--it's very good, but awfully hard to find.

    I love pretty much anything that Stone brews, especially their various double and imperial IPAs.

    Founder's Dirty Bastard and Red Rye are both quite delicious.

    Bell's makes a really nice seasonal called Oberon, whose arrival kind of marks the REAL beginning of spring/summer as far as I'm concerned!

    And finally, Unibroue from Quebec makes some great Belgian style ales (with awesome lables). My favorites are Trois Pistoles and Don de Dieu.

    Edit to add a German goody: Paulaner Salvator. Dark and delicious

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    Lots of Americans in here. Normally when I have this conversation, it's with Canadians. The result is there is normally a lot more talk about Ontario and Quebec micro brews. As always, I strongly recommend anything done by Unibroue out of Montreal. Mostly strong, dark, flavourful beers. I'm also a fan of Duggan's out of Toronto, but I doubt it's available outside Ontario yet.

    On the IPA front, I'm attending the IPA challenge in Toronto next weekend. 26 craft IPAs face off in a bracket elimination via open balloting over the course of a weekend. Should be a blast.

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    Fly out to Philly this Fri and come to the Grey Lodge Pub for Friday the Firkenteenth, they plan on tapping 24 cask conditioned firkins (40L keg) mostly local brewers. If anyone is in the Philly area this is the best beer bar in the city.

    For beers I like Dogfish, Flying Fish, Bell's, Lagunitas, Brooklyn, Great Divide or whatever is seasonal from local sources. The Dogfish flavored varieties are really good and if you can get ahold of them give them a shot (the ones that were mentioned Midas Touch and Punkin Ale I also like Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy (lemon flavored) for hot days when mowing the lawn).

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    Lots of interesting beers here, I have to get a list on my phone so I can check back when I am in a shop...


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    What the Firken?

    I wish I could be there for that, sounds awesome!
    Knock back a few for me.

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    fav IPA's:
    Russian River Brewing - Pliny The Elder
    Ballast Point - Sculpin

    If you like smoked meat, try this smoked beer from Bavaria:
    Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen

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