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Thread: kramer on top chef

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    kramer on top chef

    They had to sharpen a knife and knife skills and winner gets a Kramer

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    Quote Originally Posted by pumbaa View Post
    They had to sharpen a knife and knife skills and winner gets a Kramer
    Zwilling, or an original?

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    Custom $4000 knife Kramer was on there cutting rope

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    episode repeats at 12 and 3 am EST
    Older and wider.

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    The sharpening techniques from some the chefs is scary

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    The wifey and I had a late dinner at Next in Chicago and saw the Executive Chef sharpening his Nenox Suji on quite possibly the most dished stone I have ever seen. Just because you can cook has absolutely nothing to do with your knife sharpening skills.
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    Anyone have a link where we can see it?

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    just new tonight so no. I will watch the next showing in 10 min..
    Chewie's the man.

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    Got it... On Bravo....

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    It was weird seeing a knifemaker on TV like that, it felt good though.

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