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  1. richardd
    Knife Sharpness or Knife Edge Durability and Retention - Which is the most important?
  2. richardd
    Japanese knife handles versus Western handles - What are the advantages of each type of knife handle?
  3. richardd
    Buying Knives Direct from Japan - Can anyone recommend a Japanese supplier and what are the downsides of buying directly from Japan?
  4. rooky
    Home cook
  5. Bert2368
    Red AND Green boards- No duct tape involved.
  6. HSC3
    knife making or golf
  7. pcgfield
  8. pcgfield
  9. Bert2368
    Green board...
  10. Punkpastryguy
    I am a collector and refurbish old mostly sabatier carbon steel knives. Veritable bresduck is my knife of choice. I own probably 100 sabs!
  11. Andrei
  12. rocketman
    Knife maker. All of my Japanese knives I bought near the Tokyo Fish mkt on one of my Japanese trips.
  13. Leatherwings
    Active smith and chef and wood fired baker.
  14. Hally72
    Hard at work making Knives!
  15. derp
    I am trying to learn KKF. I need help to learn this place.
  16. derp
    derp Ochazuke
    Tofu. I'm not used to that stuff.
  17. daveb
    daveb Greg Burris
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  18. Greg Burris
    Greg Burris
    Looking for mixed trade japanese synthetic... is killing me
  19. Greg Burris
    Greg Burris
    Lurker coming clean! Newbie looking for first Japanese knife/stones for my kitchen (hobby).
  20. derp
    Hello, KKF members. I hope to return soon.
  21. panda
  22. Brandon Wicks
    Brandon Wicks
    I'm sorry I drank what?! -Socrates
  23. Saul68
    Carpe diem.
  24. Chefmikehan
    Professional sushi chef opening a restaurant, looking for a Doi yanagi to celebrate the occasion (will use daily). Anyone willing to sell?
  25. daveb
    daveb Jenny Asi
    That's my self storage company
  26. bkultra
    bkultra Jenny Asi
    People still use myspace?
  27. daveb
    daveb Jenny Asi
    I think maybe no. Even if it is a 10: Forgie.
  28. matchplay18
    Very informative site something to be a part of or acquainted with.
  29. vMinh Nguyen
    vMinh Nguyen
    drowning in Seoul's humidity
    1. 97knives
      Nothing compared to where I’m at in Thailand right now or even worse when I was in Malaysia a couple weeks ago
      Oct 1, 2018
    2. vMinh Nguyen
      vMinh Nguyen
      you're made of sturdier stuff than I then; Seoul was as much as I could bear
      Oct 2, 2018
  30. Ochazuke
    It's tofu.