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    Steel indentification

    There are hand-held metal composition analyzers out there. But they are out of price range for the enthusiast. >$10k type of price range. Hardness can be done with a benchtop hardness tester ~$1k. Or there is the less expensive file type that are less accurate which are <$100
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    Raising the cladding line

    I've done it...but it takes a lot of time. A lot of thinning. A lot of your coarsest stones or plates.
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    Cashew Lacquer

    I've thought about trying to buy straight from buyee since I've seen it and it doesn't say restricted item. But currently I have 1 and 1/2 can of 80mL
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    Introducing myself. Love all things sharp have since a kid when I collected knifes. Now I can validate my obsession through kitchen knives with the wife. I've been sharpening for years. Got into straight razors around 4 years ago and I've been buying and restoring razors here and there. Corey