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  1. adam92

    WTS (Price dropped) Shiraki Kenichi damascus gyuto 210mm

    Second one without handle looks better, GLWS.
  2. adam92

    Advice for SG stone from dictum

    That's true, I'm think 500 can sharpening my friend/ family as well, Thanks for advise!
  3. adam92

    Advice for SG stone from dictum

    If i gonna get one extra stone, do you think 500 is better or get another 1k is better 🤔
  4. adam92

    Advice for SG stone from dictum

    I still remember you told me 220 is much faster, I'll definitely get 220,500dt &1k for sure, now i just not really sure do i need 4k or not, because when i use 2k, lose toothy edge faster than 1k, & i need more toothy due to ingredient i handling, thinking instead of 4k, should i get one more...
  5. adam92

    Advice for SG stone from dictum

    Since the shipping fees is already expensive to New Zealand, I'm planning to get more stone, can anyone give me some advise which stone i should get extra? getting one more extra stone only pay another 10 dollars, i decide get one more extra. 500 X2 Thick 1000? Not sure do i really need 4k SG...
  6. adam92

    WTB Lefty Usuba

    I'm looking for lefty Usuba, please let me know if you have, don't mind carbon or stainless, ginsan steel is best for me, thanks so much.
  7. adam92


    I never use wide bevel suji before, sorry can't comment.
  8. adam92


    Thanks for your advice, I'll try next time finish on low grit, basically i only use sujihiki for red meat, gyuto i finish on 2K/ Uchigumori, when i cut a lot of red pepper, i finish on 1k & single bevel deba finish with Uchigumori also.
  9. adam92


    Hi Steampunk, can you give me some advice about sharpening sujihiki ? I don't know should i stop on 1K or better stop on 2K/ Uchigumori. These days i stop on Uchigumori i found the edge is sharper, but seems didn't last longer than 1k....
  10. adam92

    Fu Rin Ka Zan

    I used to own FRKZ lefty yanagiba 300mm blur two, easier to sharp than mine blue one shiraki yanagiba. When i brought it few years ago at very good price, but this year, same knife about 70% increase the price...
  11. adam92

    Need help to identify this knife

    30$ is really good deal... you're luck man.
  12. adam92

    Advice on whetstones purchase

    My pro dry pretty fast, 320 & 2k.
  13. adam92


    My morita ka have even grind, doesn't like it...