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  1. adam_Cullen

    Withdrawn Leather saya

    @cawilson6072 , thank you for the assistance. I found a saya that could work for my bunka, but I will definitely look at these options for my next 240mm gyuto. I appreciate the help!
  2. adam_Cullen

    WTB Hedley and Bennet Apron

    Hello, Im looking for am apron and wanted to see if anyone had one laying around that they were wanting to let go of? Color wise, im thinking their olive or denver (light kacky).. but could be open to others for the right prices. Let me know!
  3. adam_Cullen

    Withdrawn Leather saya

    Hello, I have a Yoshikane 170mm bunka that needs a saya.. but the spine thickness and the height make it difficult to buy a wooden saya.. so I was hoping someone here had one or knew a maker who could take the measurements and make one for me. Either way, I am in the market. Length: 170mm Width...
  4. adam_Cullen

    WTB 240mm stainless gyuto

    Hello KKF people, I have a sushi job coming up and my 210 gyuto isn't quite cutting it.. so its time to up the length and see what's out there. I'm looking for: Length: 240mm Steel: stainless Blade height: +51mm Price: $130 or $150 max with saya If you have anything that fits the...
  5. adam_Cullen

    SOLD Takeda bunka

    OMG! if I would of saw this a week a ago!? I've been wanting one for a while but now out of $$$. GLWS!
  6. adam_Cullen

    WTS Petty Knives

    Open to any trades?
  7. adam_Cullen

    WTS /WTT Kikuichi Honesuki

    Nakiri sold, Honesuki still available for 100 shipped or trades
  8. adam_Cullen

    WTS /WTT Kikuichi Honesuki

    Bump bump.. still open to trades. Lmk if you have a deal in mind.
  9. adam_Cullen

    WTS /WTT Kikuichi Honesuki

    Thank you for the kind review! I agree with what you said. I initially bought the honesuki for Thanksgiving turkeys and other related butchery jobs around the kitchen and has served me very well. As for the nakiri, it was reccomended to me from CK2G and after a few uses, I found myself looking...
  10. adam_Cullen

    WTS /WTT Kikuichi Honesuki

    Bump.. will do 190.. shipping included for the pair. I really can't go lower.. still open to trades
  11. adam_Cullen

    WTS /WTT Kikuichi Honesuki

    Just sent a PM.