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    KKF ANNIVERSARY #1 - Giveaway!

    I am in! This is awesome, I'm really happy this forum is around, who needs savings anyway? :P
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    Media YouTube Knuckleheads

    @45 seconds... "Place ABOUT three fingers" :confusedsign:
  3. Avishar

    why i love youtube

    Man I need to get me one of them yagagis so I can cut me some shashumi :groucho:
  4. Avishar

    Who loves Dal?!

    Haha as my parents are both from Bangladesh, Dal is a staple for us. I get Dal withdrawal if I don't have it from time to time! In college I made it once for my roommates and now they each make it on their own at least a couple times a week (psh, addicts). They put it on everything, Dal...
  5. Avishar

    Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

    60°C until it hit that internal temp which was about 1 hr 45 mins! Haha it is funny you mention the liquid nitro though, we are getting our Dewar in on the 30th :D And in all honesty the maple syrup really didn't really transfer much flavor at all into it, it really was to balance the salt...
  6. Avishar

    Media YouTube Knuckleheads I still don't know whats going on here
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    Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

    My attempt at one of my favorite things from the past: Smothered Pork Chops! Nothing too fancy here, just some good bone in Niman Ranch Pork, brined in a healthy dose of maple syrup and apple cider vinegar, sous vide, chilled, buttermilked, crusted with panko, fried crisp, smothered with a...
  8. Avishar

    Feedback, Pictures, Videos, whatever!

    Nooooooo! :-P I had those videos as link only because I figured they would be of no use to anyone other than for comical entertainment at my terrible knife skills! If making them publicly searchable makes it for your benefit I'll be happy to do it :) I'll be sending her to you soon to see...
  9. Avishar

    Feedback, Pictures, Videos, whatever!

    I kinda wrote a review I think with a poor quality video? I've been using it pretty much nonstop since I got it, definitely one of the most comfortable and natural feeling knives I've used! As much as I like my other knives I keep coming back to this one. The only issue I've really had is the...
  10. Avishar

    240mm Shigefusa kasumi gyuto with matching saya

    You have no idea how many times I've almost pressed that PM button! great price and an awesome knife!
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    The ice cream thread

    Salty Caramel seems to be popular in this state, we have a place called Jeni's ice cream around here that is gaining a lot of momentum nationally! Check out her book. I used to use the traditional anglaise (custard) based method a la David Lebovitz and every other classical french trained person...
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    Knife roll...sorry not leather

    I own this one as well and feel equally good about it, however I can't fit my Yoshihiro 300 w/saya! Other than that I have no problem recommending this one easily, it holds up well and hasn't had any issues and I have it stuffed all the time!
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    My Birthday Giveaway!

    Modernist Cuisine?
  14. Avishar

    Commercial Kitchen Gear at Home

    Vitamix, Robo Coupe, Rondeau, Tongs, anything Cambro, 6" 1/2 Hotel, Half Sheets, mixing bowls, 5 Gallon Pickle buckets, Commercial issue cling wrap (super easy to dispense compared to the home ones), steel scrubby
  15. Avishar

    The iKnife

    I suppose the next logical step is for Murray Carter to have a shave with it right ;)