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  1. Badgertooth

    SOLD Three Incredible Natural Stones (Okudo, Ohira, Nakayama)

    That Nakayama is the the one that got away.. hotdamn what a stone that is. You have given it away at that price and congrats to the new owner.
  2. Badgertooth

    Badgie’s rocks

    Maruoyama Aisa Hachimai hybrid Probably the only if it’s kind I’ve ever seen
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    Badgie’s rocks

  4. Badgertooth

    Switching Hands?

    I’ve since tried to get to grips with switching. Feels dumb for months until you get some of the muscle memory
  5. Badgertooth

    Badgie’s rocks

    Hon Tajima
  6. Badgertooth

    WTS Variety of natural stones (jnats)

    I am the original owner of the Nakayama iromono. And happy to share photos etc. He’s giving it away at that price as there was already a bit of goodwill in getting it into Matt’s hands.
  7. Badgertooth

    Why all the hype on JNat?

    I think about the best analogy is digital music vs Vinyl. There’s a certain romance and some stuff only jnats can do.
  8. Badgertooth

    J-Nat Club

    Sexy little number
  9. Badgertooth

    Badgie’s rocks

    Maruoyama Tamagoiro suita
  10. Badgertooth

    Badgie’s rocks

    Maruoyama shiro suita
  11. Badgertooth

    Badgie’s rocks

    Maruoyama Ao Suita.
  12. Badgertooth

    Badgie’s rocks

    Same as above. This time with a raspberry ripple swirl of a kan ring in a field of green. ******, arty underexposure didn’t quite land how pretty this one is.
  13. Badgertooth

    Badgie’s rocks

    Unknown Iromono. Strong Shobou vibes.
  14. Badgertooth

    Badgie’s rocks

    Natsuya mostly. Some Nagura and Koshiji too.