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  1. bahamaroot

    Knife findings

    Yeah, Maxim has got smart and is doing the flipping himself now. ;)
  2. bahamaroot

    Where’s my Kasumi thread go?

    Amazing the **** you guys can turn into a debate....
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    Unpopular opinions

    Metric to Keto, Jesus someone please just stab me in the neck! But don't chip your knife....
  4. bahamaroot

    Ordering directly from Japan in current climate

    The USPS is in bad shape and it's not going to get better anytime soon.
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    Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

    My invitation must have got lost in the mail... :( Happy B-day to dad!
  6. bahamaroot

    Unpopular opinions

    In fear of losing the millions Kobe paid her not to.
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    Unpopular opinions

  8. bahamaroot

    Unpopular opinions

    Many KKFer's take their own opinion WAY to seriously.
  9. bahamaroot

    Unpopular opinions

    The most unpopular opinion so far...
  10. bahamaroot

    Unpopular opinions

    THAT'S what she said!
  11. bahamaroot

    Konosuke Fujiyama; A History

    I would assume he was saying that Kosuke designs knives geared toward the user in the west because of a higher demand and/or profit margin in the export market.
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    Knife findings

    I know that means Sweden...
  13. bahamaroot

    Devin Thomas ITK

    Looks great to me, I think the lines drawn on it exaggerate the shoulders on it.
  14. bahamaroot

    Knife findings

    I know there has to be an Algebra formula somewhere for me to use to figure out when that is....