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  1. Barashka

    Burrfection version Naniwa pro sets

    There so many more lines: Gouken Kagayaki, Watoishi, Kurouto .. I can hardly find any info on them. tbh I'd just trust the "cholera" name.
  2. Barashka

    Burrfection version Naniwa pro sets

    Thank you for the info! Very much appreciated.
  3. Barashka

    Burrfection version Naniwa pro sets

    Do you mean these two? I couldn't find them cheaper. How does Gouken Arata relate to Naniwa pro? Made by the same company, but why name change? Is it a different...
  4. Barashka

    Show your newest knife buy

    Takeshi Saji 155mm petty/minigyuto (depending where you look) The handle is smaller then I'd like, quite short in fact. No distal taper, really, and that was a bit disappointing. Kinda sharp spine .. to be honest, expected that rounded. ... that said, excellent at cutting softer stuff, this is...
  5. Barashka

    Burrfection version Naniwa pro sets

    You might find quite a bit of support here for that. There are a lot of people complaining about certain youtuber, but no one really steps up to do their own content. That might not be enough, ryky says he's not an expert all the time. ... back on subject of these stones. I really looked, and...
  6. Barashka

    Your favourite Semi-/Stainless Knife

    Shibata Kotetsu Bunka, though doesn't need to be a bunka as all of them perform great for my tastes. Shockingly, second place goes to my Dalman 275 just because it's a touch large to and 180mm is more often what I need.
  7. Barashka

    Kurosaki Raijin/Fujin... Good or Gimmick?

    I really liked my Fujin vg10. One of the prettiest knives I've ever owned (granted list isn't that long). VG10 is good here, don't listen to haters. It's quite thin behind edge and light. Concave grind, no real flat spot, just a nice continuous curve, if you like that, you'll love it.
  8. Barashka

    WIP of 240 in 26c3

    That's an excellent job, very pleasing shape, I love the handle too.
  9. Barashka

    How did you get here? On this knife journey that is.

    After 10 years of using the same 5.5" cheapo knife I finally decided to "splurge" and get a good knife ... I remember thinking "it can't possibly be that complicated". Being obsessive, all the nuances really drew me in, I was frustrated by lack of coherent information, lots of conflicted...
  10. Barashka

    SOLD Masamoto 240mm KS Gyuto, Charlie Ellis 6.5" Petit Chef Knife (WTS/WTT)

    Edit: I derp .. too early in the morning. GLWS
  11. Barashka

    Show your newest knife buy

    I'm genuinely interested in what you think. It seems like a better looking competition to Shibata 180 bunka? Congrats! That thing is gorgeous! Looks to be 55mm ish tall? Is it O1?
  12. Barashka

    looking for glass or granite for sandpaper

    I used an oversize glass tile for a kitchen backdrop ... sample too, so half price or smth. Used carpet tape to attach sandpaper to both sides (cut from 12x12 sheets). It worked shocking well ... and didn't feel horrible. In fact, the carpet tape provided some buffering and it altogether wasn't...
  13. Barashka

    Pass Around: Cris Anderson 245mm gyuto, Nitro-V

    The usps tracking says arrived! Enjoy!
  14. Barashka

    Pass Around: Cris Anderson 245mm gyuto, Nitro-V

    The knife is on the way to the next destination as of this morning. Here are some thoughts, though take it with a grain of salt as I expected to really like it .. and I did. I'm also coming from relatively budget side of knife world, previous 'best cutters" being Shibata Kotetsu 180 and Dalman...
  15. Barashka

    SOLD Dalman cleaver 185x80

    So tempting! I'm sure it won't last long.