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  1. Beau Nidle

    Hello, I'm Paul, a British Knifemaker

    I got a new toy for the shop, courtesy of the british govt. and their very helpful grants for small businesses during the pandemic. And also tried some lower layer ladder, just 222 layers in this one. I like it, but not as much as the high layer one.
  2. Beau Nidle

    Customs taxes for imports from USA?

    What I meant was that Bulgaria may have different products that are VAT exempt. You should check for yourself, I can only speak for what I know in the UK. Parcels disappearing...well, it's rare, but it's happened to me once. It was tracked as far as as depot, where it simply disappeared. I got...
  3. Beau Nidle

    Customs taxes for imports from USA?

    Every country will have different rules. It may be that for some, 'kitchen tools' are VAT exempt, and therefore exempt from import duties. Check your countries list of VAT exempt products. Here in the UK knives are subject to VAT, so the only option would be the declaring of a lower value. Gifts...
  4. Beau Nidle

    Cutting Tang Slots in Japanese Handle Collars?

    When working with metal, before I got my mill drill I would drill two holes on the drill press, then use a jewellers saw to connect them. Much faster than the join the dots approach, and way less finishing work with needle files. Now of course I just throw everything in the mill!
  5. Beau Nidle

    Grain of heat treated O1 Tool Steel

    I use a magnet on an extendable shaft if I'm heat treating in the forge. It's only about a 1kg pull, plenty to know if it's magnetic or not. Think I got it from RS components.
  6. Beau Nidle

    Grain of heat treated O1 Tool Steel

    If you're heat treating in a forge I'd say get a magnet, rather than going strictly on colour. Get it to non magnetic, then put it back in for a few passes, then quench. It doesn't look that bad though. Normally I'd say orange is a forging temperature, and going into yellow is forge welding...
  7. Beau Nidle

    Whan is a blade too thin

    That's fine. If the heat treat is good then there's no issues. I have a couple of knives that are 0.75mm at 1cm behind the tip and they're fine. Just don't go cutting any bones with them.
  8. Beau Nidle

    any honda s2000 owners?

    Nice. I've always liked the S2000. Couldn't quite stretch my budget that far though so I drive a Mazda MX5 (miata, for those where it's called that). Had it 4 years now as an only car.
  9. Beau Nidle

    Hello, I'm Paul, a British Knifemaker

    Here's the two petty's with handles, next to the gyuto for some scale. Handles are buckeye burl with dyed black sycamore.
  10. Beau Nidle

    Hello, I'm Paul, a British Knifemaker

    At the minute the nakiri is just a blank, but I should definitely work on it next. In the meantime, here's two petties that are awaiting handles. Both 720 layers, I like the organic feel that it gives the ladder pattern, not sure it adds much for raindrop.
  11. Beau Nidle

    My favorite color is BLUE!.............A patina thread.

    This is the patina on my Konosuke after 10 years of use. More grey than anything else now, but still colourful if you get it in the right light!
  12. Beau Nidle

    Hello, I'm Paul, a British Knifemaker

    Thanks Caleb. As I was laying it out I wondered if it was too much, but pressed on anyway. I’m glad I did. You’re right, there’s a lot going on, but I don’t feel like any one part detracts from another. Others may feel differently of course. I have more of this steel and will probably try for a...
  13. Beau Nidle

    Hello, I'm Paul, a British Knifemaker

    Thanks guys. I put the two together to make a knife that's going to a local shop. I really like the mosaic ferrule, I'll definitely do more of those. I know y'all love a choil shot
  14. Beau Nidle

    "Really gotta raise some cash"

    There's always guitars too. I'd be a violin collector, but if anything can make sailboats look cheap, it's antique violins.
  15. Beau Nidle

    Kramer auction starts

    If you want to see some more of this technique, search for Steve Schwarzer. He has a lot of stuff on instagram. I'm still trying to get my head around how it works myself.