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    Hi from Sydney

    Welcome from Brisbane and a nice collection!
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    Aussie knifemakers on IG

    Nice work compiling this list gents. I had no idea there was anything like this amount of Australian makers. One more to add to the list is Hunter Valley Blades @huntervalleyblades (Mert's "less refined/rustic" line).
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    Obligatory first post

    I'd definitely be in for that! Rob's course looks like it could be a lot of fun too. One day when this is all over...
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    Obligatory first post

    Welcome from Brisbane juice Plenty of great knifemakers down in Melbourne including Kippington and the nine when you do get in the rush to buy more knives.
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    Good Day from Sydney

    Welcome from Brisbane!
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    Knife findings

    240mm second went in less than a minute!!
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    SOLD Gyuto - CPM S90V

    Thank you Andrei!
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    SOLD Gyuto - CPM S90V

    Could you please provide a weight?
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    WTS 2 Kip gyutos and a shig yanagiba.

    Lefty Kipp looks good. I'll take it!
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    Passaround: Kippington Chevron Hook Grind

    I'm in for Brisbane as well if it isn't too late! Can easily pick up from Michi...
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    Passaround Tansu Or Takeda (Australia - Brisbane)

    Sounds great, but a 255mm knife is way too big for my small hands!! All the best guys :)
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    Greetings from Brisbane, Australia

    Thanks! Where did you grab the fudge from and where are you from??
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    Greetings from Brisbane, Australia

    It looks very much like it :)
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    Greetings from Brisbane, Australia

    I've seen you digging into that hole Michi ;) Just got to get the first purchase out of the way!