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    How high do you go?

    I go to a minimum of 8K. On single bevels I'll go to 20 or 30K, or some JNats for razors.
  2. Birnando

    For Sale Shigefusa Kitaeji Wa Gyuto 240mm

    I recently got one of those myself, and while it is not a cheap knife I find myself using it a lot. With a smile on my face. Lovely piece of craftsmanship. GLWS
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    Green vegetables

    Agreed. Properly prepared vegetables will lift any meal. Even without bacon! And it helps you from looking like you'd fit right in on the biggest looser.
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    Kitchen knife fora?

    Different terms for vendors seems to be the gist of it... Other than that, pretty much the same thing with a similar name. A few faces from the past, i.e banned here, has resurfaced over there. :yammer:
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    my wife reinvented, "pork and beans"..

    Sounds great:) My wife is much the same, albeit slightly less successful most of the time... Anyways, I love the effort regardless of result:)
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    Looking for some input on my sharpening lineup.

    In that range I use Chosera 400-600 and 800. All good stuff. I also use the 400 Suehiro Gokumyo Debado. This stone is not for all, it is very hard and much finer than the grit indicates. I'd say it is as fine or finer than the Chosera 800, closer perhaps to the Chosera 1000. Still, I'd...
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    high end knife

    Good advice above. Mostly;) I'm a leftie myself, so I have had to think thru this stuff too. One of the things I very early on discovered was that there are renowned makers out there that will not ask the idiotic 50% surcharge for us with a well functioning brain:) So I would stay away...
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    What is sharp?

    Sharp is a highly relative term. One mans sharp is another mans blunt. Toothy edges are the preferred edge for some, others prefer highly polished and fine toothed edges. Others have both, depending on the job at hand. There are a variety of tests out there, that all works to some extent...
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    What stone line up are you using these days?

    I use a few different progressions really. It is either: JNS 400 400 Suehiro Gokumyo Debado 2K Suehiro Gokumyo Debado 6K Suehiro Gokumyo Debado 13K Sigma Select II Or: A full Shapton pro progression Or: Some form of Natural progression, say a Red Aoto, Hakka Renge and a Nakayama...
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    Cleaning up my ceramic stones

    A diamond plate is my preferred weapon of choice. Depending on the stone needing cleaning, I'll use anything from a 140Grit to a 1200. Atoma or DMT are good choices. IMO
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    Cutting onions horizontally - does it serve any purpose?

    I do one or two horizontal cuts, depending on size of the onion. Not that I think it is all that needed per se, but it is fun using my tools for what they are worth:)
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    Reporting Problems with Knives - Good or Bad?

    Not even usable, eh? No disrespect man, but that sounds pretty much like rubbish to me. I'm in no way arguing the findings of Mr. Martell or others regarding these two brands, I'm sure they have valid issues regarding specimens of those brands. But unusable? Like they will stop in the...
  13. Birnando

    Reporting Problems with Knives - Good or Bad?

    Well, let's just hope a visitor or new member are able to see thru the double standards in that. Imo, you review anything based on a set standard or you don't do it at all. If not, all this place is, is a market place for the reciding vendors and their fanboys, not a community of like minded...
  14. Birnando

    Reporting Problems with Knives - Good or Bad?

    More credible, yes. To me it would be just an opinion amongst others. Well, an opinion from someone working the boards for as much cred as possible, as that is what puts food on your table at the end of the day. As it is right now, I cannot help but allow the history to discredit what you say...
  15. Birnando

    Reporting Problems with Knives - Good or Bad?

    And this post would be the perfect example of why speaking up can be such a difficult task for someone like the op. To those who haves hung around here for a while, the conflict between the op and one of the vendors of that brand has influenced this board to the extent that the very name of...