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    SOLD Baratza Encore coffee grinder

    Up for offers!
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    Banning "pointed" kitchen knives in UK?

    Not to turn this political, but this here is the exact reason that us second amendment advocates in the US fight so hard to not give an inch. It starts with automatic rifles and the next thing you know, they want to take away pointy knives. The next step is sharp knives, who really needs them?
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    SOLD Baratza Encore coffee grinder

    I’m relatively glad I have no great place to put an espresso machine, otherwise this would get real expensive in a hurry!
  4. bm11

    SOLD Baratza Encore coffee grinder

    Up for sale is my Baratza Encore conical burr coffee grinder. Almost universally regarded as the standard for budget burr grinders, this was an easy purchase three weeks ago when I bought it brand new after getting into the premium coffee scene. It has been used in my home in that three week...
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    SOLD Konosuke Fujiyama B#2 240mm Gyuto

    Update, knife still avail.
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    SOLD Konosuke Fujiyama B#2 240mm Gyuto

    PM sent. “I’ll take it” pending a question answered.
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    Land of thousand lakes competition?

    I live in Maine (USA) and according to Wikipedia, there are at least 2677 lakes in my state alone, which from my understanding is due to the glaciers than moved through here resulting in the Appalachian mountain range. Of course, the lake that matters to me the most is the one I call "home,"...
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    My new Boardsmith boards

    Thanks all! We are loving them. Beautiful, enjoy!
  9. bm11

    My new Boardsmith boards

    I wanted to take a minute to post about what a positive experience working with John Loftis was on my recent board order. I owned a really nice Proteak board but due to what I've read about teak having a high silica content, I decided I wanted to upgrade to a more knife friendly material. My...
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    Watanabe Gyuto

    I really love the aesthetics of the blade shape of the Watanabe and Toyota gyuto's. I picked up a Toyama 240mm last week and it is really a great looking knife in person (I use Watanabe and Toyama as interchangeable as I'm somewhat convinced they are made by the same person,) but I haven't cut...
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    SOLD Wat 240 Gyuto w/ M Henry Handle

    I would like to pre commit to be next in line for this deal with this agreement. Thanks!
  12. bm11

    Coffee conundrum

    Reviving this, as I am just now going down this rabbit hole. I've been a long time Keurig user, and just started with an Aeropress/Porlex hand grinder setup a couple days ago. There is a little bit of a learning curve, my first cup didn't come out that amazing, but now I'm really digging the...
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    WTS Haburn, Dalman, Hiromoto & More

    God damn my golf game cost me a Dalman!!!
  14. bm11

    WTB 270-300mm Toyama or Watanabe Suji

    I talked to him, and he was out of stock. I ended up buying one with a couple upgrades from daveb, I’ve used it a couple time and I love it! I’ll try to post a couple pics tomorrow (edit-today, insomnia has me posting in the middle of the night.)
  15. bm11

    SOLD Dalman 270 Suijihiki

    Gorgeous knife. I really need to block this site, as every time I see something like this the fear of loss kicks in and I start justifying another purchase to myself...