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    No Kitchen Required

    Seen this BBC program? An upcoming episode was filmed in New Mexico. Looks interesting. http://www.santafenewmexican.com/sfnmhome/dining/features/Culinary-elite-battle-for-Apache-honor-in--No-Kitchen-Required-
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    My favorite color is BLUE!.............A patina thread.

    Using Flickr: Navigate to your photo and click on the "Actions" drop down menu and choose "view all sizes". I usually pick a medium size like 500. Click your desired size, then right click in the photo and choose "copy image address". Paste this URL in the Insert Image menu on the forum and...
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    Any tech geeks in the room?

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    Men's Exfoliating Scrub

    Hmmm. Would be quite the facial I bet. :justkidding:
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    Gesshin 2000 Back In Stock

    Jon, I ordered my G 2000 when they came back in stock and spent some time today sharpening my Masamoto and Misono stainless santuko and gyutos. This stone rocks! Now I can slice tomato thinly like Salty...er, well maybe not exactly like Salty! Thanks for a great product. Deborah
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    Welcome aboard Korin!

    :biggrin: Wow! A very warm welcome Mari. Got my first Jknife at Korin, and learned to sharpen with your video.
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    One thing every cook should buy.

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    Yoshikane and Bog oak

    Very nice handle!
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    Aoto Shootout

    Upload from a URL using a third party hosting site such as Photobucket. I use Flicker. Uncheck the box: "Retrieve remote file and reference locally" Good review, thank you. I also have a red aoto (akapin) I like very much and a black tsushima (sea stone) which I liken to an aoto. Hard to find...
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    Happy Birthday Justin0505

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    Cooking/Prepping with one arm

    :plus1: follow your doctors orders. Please.
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    Another reason why . . .

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    Happy Birthday Cadillac J!!

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