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  1. boriha

    What's your all time favourite nakiri?

    Tf maboroshi... Great food release, superb edge retention, perfect balance
  2. boriha

    One Nakiri to rule them all.

    I love my TF maboroshi nakiri, W#1 core, stainless cladding, hammered finish, love it.Real veggie destroyer. Takeda nakiri also have very good reviews, as core,great grind, rustic looking, little different profile
  3. boriha

    So...If money was no object....What's your fantasy knife??

    Probably Andy billipp damascus gyuto:doublethumbsup::bliss:
  4. boriha

    Removing lacquer from Tadafusa KU

    Thank's for picture Chinacats Dark layer is coating, i think that Ku is a bit brighter when using lacquer thinner. I've tried with acetone, nothing. Any other idea :idea2: before sanding
  5. boriha

    Removing lacquer from Tadafusa KU[/IMG] Here are some photos, some parts of coating i manage to take of with sharp plastic
  6. boriha

    Removing lacquer from Tadafusa KU

    I would like to keep KU finish, so the stones are out(for now )
  7. boriha

    Removing lacquer from Tadafusa KU

    Tell me about it, that's why i need help. Maybe is some kind of liquid vinyl or plastic, i really don't know :scratchhead:
  8. boriha

    Removing lacquer from Tadafusa KU

    Hi I have problem with removing lacquer finish from my Tadafusa KU 165 santoku. I've tried with acetone and lacquer thinner wiping the coating for almost 25 min but no results. Looks like only technique that works is scratching with sharp object, but i don't wont to damage the blade or KU...