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  1. Brian Weekley

    Honing with Arkansas Stone

    One thing I did take from Rough Rooster was to move to water with a bit of New Dawn detergent for a stone lubricant. I bought a new set of Arcs to make the move but Rough Roster has a good video on removing oil from an Arc to convert it to water. For daily maintenance I generally use a hard...
  2. Brian Weekley

    Honing with Arkansas Stone

    Check out Rough Rooster on YouTube. He has lots to say about Arkansas stones. A soft Arkansas stone was my only stone for over 20 years. I have and use a complete set of Arkansas stones. After mostly moving to Japanese synthetics for the past 20 years I’d say that I can accomplish what I want to...
  3. Brian Weekley

    Takeda or What?

    +1 on the Takeda Nakiri. Great knife ... hands down winner of the “Naughty Schoolboy” great potato slap down. I have the complete set of Takeda AS series knives and love them all. The Takeda petty is a constant resident in my ”permanent” (go to) block. The Takeda Sasanoha is a great knife with a...
  4. Brian Weekley

    Can’t properly view photos

    +1 on my iPad.
  5. Brian Weekley

    Need help cooking fresh abalone

    Back in the day abalone was plentiful on the West Coast of Canada. Now ... none to be found. My favourite way of cooking abalone. ... slice the abalone into 1/8” slices. Pound the bejeesus out of each slice with the pointy surfact of a meat tenderizing hammer. Slice the bigger slices into 1/2”...
  6. Brian Weekley

    Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

    Now we’re talking. You’re going to need a tuna sword to fillet that baby.
  7. Brian Weekley

    WTS kikuichi and Sukenari

    Couldn’t agree more ... when it’s time to get things done I reach for my Sukenari Gyuto ZDP189 240mm.
  8. Brian Weekley

    Show your newest knife buy

    Yesterday I made tacos using trim from a beef tenderloin. To get a nice thin slice I popped the trim into the freezer for a bit. I guess it was a “bit” too long because when I pulled it out the tenderloin was closer to frozen than thawed. No way I was going to use one of my HRC 62+ knives to...
  9. Brian Weekley

    Show your newest knife buy

    Although there are Japanese knives specially made for boning it’s hard to beat the value in the Victorinox boning knife and tens of thousands of butchers can’t be all wrong. My expensive knives may have sharper edges but they are more prone to chipping than the Victorinox. Any time I‘m dealing...
  10. Brian Weekley

    Show your newest knife buy

    Have both in my collection and use them regularly. Also have the 10” chef’s knife.
  11. Brian Weekley

    WTS Bunch of knives and a Gesshin cleaver

    I can’t believe the HHH and Catcheside made it through the first pass. Awesome knives and excellent prices. Just goes to show how the Covid plague has affected buying activities on BST. Even at that I don’t think they will last today.
  12. Brian Weekley

    WTS Price drop - Mizuno Honyaki, Y. Tanaka, Mazaki, Togashi

    That choil shot is a stunner. I just love Mizuno’s work ... which is probably why I have three of his 240 gyuto's in my collection .... even I don’t understand that.
  13. Brian Weekley

    How did you get here? On this knife journey that is.

    Started about 60 years ago when I was about 11. For some reason my parents bought me a soft Arkansas stone as a Christmas present. 2”x8”, still have it. I used it to ruin my mother’s kitchen knives for about three years until I got the hang of feeling and listening to the blade while I sharpened...
  14. Brian Weekley

    WTS Price drop - Mizuno Honyaki, Y. Tanaka, Mazaki, Togashi

    Four very nice knives at very reasonable prices.
  15. Brian Weekley

    Greetings from Vancouver Island!

    Love Port Alberni ... I often recommend this knife to people who ask. https://www.**************.com/kaankusugy24.html Its currently out of stock at CKTG, but they have a 270mm version in stock if you’re into longer knives. I have a couple of them if you’re ever in Victoria and would like to...