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    Show your newest knife buy

    I absolutely agree. A lot for the price. I was just curious how it was for you, as I haven't seen a lot written about how it cuts. I like the sound of that 56mm height you got. Mine came in at 50mm.
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    Show your newest knife buy

    How do you like it? I just got one a few weeks ago, used about 5-6 times and mine wedges a ton.
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    Scratching a new itch

    I had the same thought for a few months and decided to find out a few weeks ago. I picked up a Kisuke 240 and have enjoyed the size for most things. With myself being short and having wrist/shoulder problems from MTB riding; things like cutting Romain lettuce lengthwise is a hassle with a 210...
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    Like a naughty schoolboy

    I just got a Birgersson and everything sticks. So far I've used it once; for sausage, carrots and peppers, but they all stick. The mirrored blade road is pretty and it cuts far better than my other blades, but it needs a windshield wiper on the side.
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    Flipper alert

    I keep looking for these unicorns for sale and all I ever see are knives; lots and lots of knives, and some rocks too.
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    Cutting board progress

    Looks awesome
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    SOLD Birgersson gyuto

    A honesuki was the first knife this month. Haven't used it yet though. Kitchen is being remodeled right now. Not yet. Another guy jumped in, looking for more pics. I'm eagerly waiting in line if it falls thru
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    SOLD Birgersson gyuto

    I don't know whether to thank you or curse you. I know which option the wife will take. Be my third knife this week and 4th this month.
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    SOLD Birgersson gyuto

    Just got home from work. Going to walk dogs then send pm unless someone else cuts in line and takes her away
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    SOLD Birgersson gyuto

    Y'all going to make me do it aren't ya? If nobody takes her by 5pm est, I'll grab it off your hands.
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    SOLD TF Denka 210mm Gyuto

    Hoping this doesn't last long because I just sent a pm about acquiring. Fingers crossed I don't miss this one like the last one
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    Bread Knife?

    I just had to look this up. OH MY...
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    Starting my search for a new gyuto

    This is my Munetoshi after cutting up some cooked sausage a few days ago
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    Daily Knife Pics. Any Knife. Join In!

    Harukaze AS Morado nakiri Munetoshi Nashiji 210 Munetoshi after cutting hot sausage
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    Difference Between Yu Kurosaki Knives?

    I either never came across the SG2 version or just ignored them altogether in my quest for my AS version. Probably the latter and then I go and make a fool by thinking I know things. Maybe my wife is right... Can't speak to the SG2, but the AS is quite nice