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    Handles, Conversions, and other Stuff

    Mike you have any openings? Looking to get a knife rehandled. Awesome work always my friend
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    Whats on the bench.

    Whats the length on the single bevel? Man I tell you what, if the performance matches that of the renown Japanese work, you may be well on your way to being known as the king of east meets west, function meets symmetry and beauty , spiritual joins physical. I have a hard time drawing up in...
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    Gallery- Martell Knives

    Makes me want a Gyuto to match, sheesh
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    Feedback, Pictures, Videos, whatever!

    Dave I still owe a full review, just been focused on work as of late. I just wanted to drop a quick line here and let you know how much I am enjoying it. I still may think 260-270-280 is the best all around sizes for multi purpose stuff, but I am adjusting. I pretty much have been using it for...
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    Gallery- Martell Knives

    Thank you Pete. Full review coming soon.
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    Gallery- Martell Knives

    To prove she cuts, here's a dish I did today with her. She cuts butter ... i mean tuna ... like butter :wink:
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    Gallery- Martell Knives

    right out the soft case on my board at work before even wiping the wax off it see back home after day of work, she is "all natural" ... she was busy with all different kinds and types building a patina quick Thank you Dave, gotta adjust to the length still a bit, but it's super...
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    A Kitchen

    For those who wish to read: A professional kitchen many times I have heard termed, "like a ship" or "boat" ... but I think in the analogy the FOOD is more of the ship.* The Kitchen is better compared to the actual ocean, wind and weather.* Every person in it a wave, a breeze, a drop of rain...
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    Gallery- Martell Knives

    Open letter to my friend Dave Martell Dave I got off work and am trying to contain myself from cutting everything in the house. Luckily I left my large board at work so it makes it a little easier. I have to admit I really wanted you to find some natural wood for the handle material, but stick...
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    Meeting Rick Bayless

    Bayless has always been a favorite of mine J, really??? First single bevel purchase??? Sup with that?
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    Gallery- Martell Knives

    It's gotta go on a really special knife to be the "master" knife. Gotta do a yellow one too. The red one is the "get $^!t done" one
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    For my friends

    Yes I figured that's what you were implying Dave, the pretentious point was not directed at you, more so some Chef's I've worked for in the past who were a bit so. I am very blessed to have the staff I have. I said when I started it would be the best staff I ever hired, and the best staff in...
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    Gallery- Martell Knives

    Looks red on mine clearly. It always tend to darker up after being in the kitchen for a bit. I agree and thought the same about the Makers mark. Definitely gonna market the Martell name around the kitchen for you. After thinking about it, I think I need a purple handled knife now. Blue is...
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    Gallery- Martell Knives

    Thank you Dave for your work and focus on getting the material. It's going to be nice next to the Spalted Blue Maple Hiro. Next time I'll leave everything up to you, even the color combinations ;) Thank you again for altering your original choil design for me. It's going to make a huge...