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    SOLD Teruyasu Fujiwara Maboroshi 180 gyuto

    I have his 180 mab gyuto as well, albeit in yo handle. Perfect TF knife. Good height, reasonable price, famous look and heat treat. Perfect size for the home cutting board and grocery store ingredients. Not the most durable steel but it sharpens in a snap and is a pleasure to use. It’s my most...
  2. bryantcw

    WTB Takeda sasahona 210

    This is the knife, brother. Not selling mine.
  3. bryantcw

    WTB Stone recommendations

    PM me, I can send you a couple finger stones if you’re interested. Reach out to “Japanese natural stones” proprietor (maxim im pretty sure) if you want to get serious.
  4. bryantcw

    WTB Stone recommendations

    I’ve tried most of the higher end synthetics, and despite not being “sexy”, I usually end up coming back to the Shapton glass stones. Hard wearing, fast cutting, consistent, “cheap”. One of the Shapton or nanohone “button” style diamond flattening plates will be my next buy after my DMT extra...
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    SOLD ~35 year old 300mm white steel Sakai yanagiba

    I don’t need this, I don’t need this, I don’t need this……
  6. bryantcw

    SOLD D shape Ho wood handles black horn

    Now that’s service! Thanks Hz!
  7. bryantcw

    SOLD Hitohira Togashi Migaki White 1 240 Gyuto

    Have the 210 of this knife, F+F is excellent, grind is excellent, properly thin behind the edge. GLWS.
  8. bryantcw

    WTS Takamura VG10 180mm Gyuto BNIB

    Someone ended up on the naughty list?
  9. bryantcw

    WTB Kaeru Kasumi Stainless Gyuto 210mm/240mm EU

    210 personally, and it’s a full 210. Fit and finish are on par with a Toyama I have, to the point I was wondering if the same workshop was involved. Very nicely ground. Virtually the same amount of hagane exposed on both sides. I polished the primary (large bevel, I know there is debate on...
  10. bryantcw

    WTB Kaeru Kasumi Stainless Gyuto 210mm/240mm EU

    I have one…..but not for sale ;-) Probably the best value knife in my collection. You’re going to like it a lot.
  11. bryantcw

    WTS Snake Stupid Record Player Sale (Rega Edition)