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  1. Carl Kotte

    Hello fellow knife (esp. nakiri) lovers

    Welcome @nakiriknaifuwaifu !!!
  2. Carl Kotte

    Recipe Requested Falafel?

    I managed to do falafel today. First time I’ve been happy with my falafel. Thanks @Michi and @M1k3 !
  3. Carl Kotte

    SOLD Mazaki 240 Gyuto Kasumi White#2 Refinished.

    @preizzo (sorry, only conus!) Glws!
  4. Carl Kotte

    Show your newest knife buy

    Real vegan Buffalo!
  5. Carl Kotte

    Show your newest knife buy

    Is it a denka?
  6. Carl Kotte

    SOLD 240 Denka Gyuto

    Even more proof No one ever tries to sell them. :dancingcow: Or wait?!
  7. Carl Kotte

    Proposal: The misplaced curiosity Pass Around

    I’d be in, but, well, you know, won’t happen. Good idea!!!
  8. Carl Kotte

    Famous cooks, chefs, and their knives

    I have no idea. As far as I can tell, it could be so many things.
  9. Carl Kotte

    Hi from Montenegro

  10. Carl Kotte

    Flipper alert

    You’re so fast! 🥰
  11. Carl Kotte

    Flipper alert

    I think a lot of the current convo could be had at my big thread on insults. 🥳
  12. Carl Kotte

    Flipper alert

    The answer to all questions.
  13. Carl Kotte

    Flipper alert

    Unless you’re wearing them with socks. Then we’re bueno.
  14. Carl Kotte

    Flipper alert

    No No No, I’m a father of two and I feel sorry for them. No children’s books.