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    SOLD Bloodroot Blades 225mm Black Maple Gyuto

    That's one classy piece! GLWS!
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    Mail order steak (filet) in USA?

    Another vote for Snake River Farms.
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    Show your newest knife buy

    Isasmedjan Nakiri 160mm, wrought iron with UHB26c3 core. Bog oak handle with desert ironwood spacer. Second pic with Isasmedjan gyuto I've had for a bit.
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    Bent/Warped Nakiri? Thoughts?

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    Which streaming music service do you use?

    Quboz and Tidal.
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    Show your newest knife buy

    I like the board. Details?
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    Bent/Warped Nakiri? Thoughts?

    That thing is jacked up. My Wat 180 is arrow straight. Send it back.
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    Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

    Perhaps my palate is less refined, but a good sear on a sous vide steak is really tough to beat.
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    Show your newest knife buy

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    Restock website

    Nakiri looks awesome!