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    Looking for a great Chefs knife to learn skills on

    daveb, i just had to drop a note commenting on your avatar. we had a dog just like that growing up. my uncle used to raise german shorthaired pointers for pheasant hunting in western new york state. when he got this hairy little thing in one of his litters, he was aghast! and promptly gave him...
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    Looking for a great Chefs knife to learn skills on

    knife skills make the knife. excellent. i have been lauding this bit of advice for many years. it is true that a good quality knife that really feels right and comfortable in your hand can impart a sense of confidence to the chef. but as with most other things in life (unless you are one of...
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    recommendations for a novice

    i must say, this is not an unfamiliar concern. it is quite easy to get overwhelmed and lost in the weeds. and you could find yourself struggling and unable to make a reasonable decision. after working with a set from costco for 10 yrs, you have a lot of catching up to do. the questionnaire...
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    Collecting Kitchen Knives as a Hobby

    be careful what you wish for... all gifts are not created equal. :happymug:
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    Collecting Kitchen Knives as a Hobby

    very funny! i like your signature line as well. i have several friends who feel the same way about their fly fishing tubes.
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    Collecting Kitchen Knives as a Hobby

    i didn't really set out to collect. i just woke up one day and found i had lots and lots of knives. i have many great friends. once i started cooking seriously, they began to gift them to me. how great is that? one drawback, however, was that i got many duplicates. :happymug:
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    Shun Hana

    if this is $600 what will they charge for their hikari, which got kitchen knife of the year award for blade? :fanning: