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    Hi. I am looking for a laser gyuto recommendation.

    I second this. You will be hard pressed to find a more laserish knife. KS profile as an added bonus.
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    New Konosuke Honyaki

    Wow! Incredible find. Think only a few of these were finished by Konosuke.
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    Sakai ginsanko wide bevels

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    Sakai ginsanko wide bevels

    If you get one let me know how it tapers to the tip. For some reason all the ginsans seem to be fatties. Maybe except Tanakas.
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    Sakai ginsanko wide bevels

    It’s another beast that needs to be massively thinned. I think you’ve been down this road before if I remember correctly.
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    WTB Konosuke Shiraki Honyaki

    Like this one?🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    Just a few good friends of tchan001

    Very nice collection you have there.
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    Konosuke Kaiju

    Pretty much just chumming the fish.
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    Konosuke Kaiju

    Hitohira has always been knocking off konosuke, no surprise they’re trying to capitalize off the Kono Togo masterpiece. Coke vs. RC
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    Knife findings

    It’s a mystery. Please investigate using your Hardy Boys skills. Report back to us when solved.
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    What's the deal with Takeda knives?

    The classic soft iron cladded varients were easily bent, the NAS varients were much stronger.
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    What's the deal with Takeda knives?

    You used to be able to order direct from just about every Japanese hamono 10 years ago. In regards to Takeda, you sent an email stating what you wanted and you sent an international money order for 125 bucks and then you got a knife a month or two later. Now it’s all channel level BS with...
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    What's the deal with Takeda knives?

    Ya, that’s probably why you don’t see many from back in the day. All folded up like a stick of chewing gum.
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    What's the deal with Takeda knives?

    How’s the rigidity of the soft iron? My AS Sash was like lead. Bent pretty easily. The NAS are 10 times stronger.