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    My First Rehandle!!

    For your next trick, try doing without getting any epoxy on your hands . . .
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    It's getting harder to tell which ones are the crazy people

    The "crazy people" to whom you refer are probably experiencing auditory hallucinations; something that can be moderately amusing, until it happens to a member of your family. They are not part of "the local color", on the Pacific Coast or in Manhattan. They are people, just like you and I. That...
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    Tip your server and save the world....

    Alternatively, people working in restaurants could stand up for them selves and join or form a union, thereby assuring they're paid fairly for their labor, rather than depending upon the kindness of strangers . .
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    Google Glass Looking promising

    Wow. I guess I missed the point again. Dave Martell pays relatively more taxes on his income than Google, but all that really matters to folks on this forum is aesthetics. Make an apparently desirable product and it doesn't matter that you're a thief . . . Google that.
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    Google Glass Looking promising

    I was going to get a pair, being artistic and all, but then I remembered that Google was a tax-weasel.
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    Evolution of a D Handle

    I'd like to see a photo of a knife with an old school octagonal handle, ironwood and horn, with nickel-silver spacer, for reference . .
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    Second Video on Food Release and Performance

    Hmm. This may be a weak point in your program. I'm no cinematographer, but, using a Canon HFM41 (I'm sure there are better cameras available), I don't think I've ever (or least not often) made a "bad" video; if there was any light at all, it looked good. You're a good photographer, so what's...
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    For the gun folks....

    I'm going to give Spike credit for going for silly. Which is more than I can say for #'s 123-127.
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    Electronic Cigarettes

    Nah. When someone tells me to leave it alone, my natural instinct is to chew harder. So, with deference to the OP, upon whom I rely to support my wood habit, and therefore do not wish to offend, I just have to respond. It's the dog in me. Of course I did not imply that " . . it takes a strong...
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    For the gun folks....

    But then where would your government checks come from?
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    Electronic Cigarettes

    I know I should just leave this one alone, but I can't. I have, of course, heard the urban myth about cigarettes being more addicting than just about anything. What a bunch of crap. Listening to people addicted to nicotine and playing with their electronic toys reminds me of the folks who use...
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    For the gun folks....

    Surely you jest.
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    Electronic Cigarettes

    Let's hear from all the dyed-in-the-wool junkies out there. What hurts worse, 12 hours without a cigarette, or 12 hours without your opiate of choice? Just wake me when it's over.
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    Electronic Cigarettes

    Heh. I didn't say it was easy, just implied that there are other addictions that are much tougher to beat. I used to smoke a couple packs of Camel straights a day until I realized that if the smoking didn't kill me outright, I would die of aggravation over having poisoned myself.
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    Electronic Cigarettes

    Alternatively, one could just stop smoking. There are harder things in life.