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    Mazaki W2 Reactivity

    I would sand off any issues you're having and then cut up a big batch of hot chicken and/or pork. After that, I would give it regular rubdowns with baking soda to help stabilize and get VCI (rust inhibitor) paper when you're not going to use it for awhile. The problem with the other polishes is...
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    What not to sous vide?

    That convenience is really the benefit, as far as I'm concerned. Reverse sear will provide better results, but it needs to be watched more closely. For the really long stuff, I tend to prefer a pressure cooker. The other benefit of SV is being able to cook from frozen. I would always prefer...
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    What not to sous vide?

    Willing to be culled on this one. Yes, there are better ways. But, as a home cook, especially when entertaining, I think the flexibility sous vide offers makes it very useful. I think it does well on lean proteins like pork loin. I hate it for fish and (non-root) vegetables. I'll add...
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    Extra-coarse-grit stone recommendation requested.

    I have a coarse diamond plate for that, but they're expensive. I've used an Atoma 140 as a kind of nagura, but it sounds like this is a better idea.
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    Extra-coarse-grit stone recommendation requested.

    Does this flatten or just clean up the stone?
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    Lateral stone progression?

    Me too. I'll go a little higher with synthetics, maybe SG200, then Natsuya or Aoto
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    Looking for a knife for work - Savernake Knives?

    Not sure if Ryusen Blazen fits within budget, but it will have good retention. Even so, two SG stones will fit in a pro case, which works fine as a stone holder. ETA - Depending on how big a knife you want, Sukenari HAP40 and Takamura Pro will be within your budget. These a probably too hard to...
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    Ashi ginga Petty feedback need

    I've got this in stainless and love it. It's definitely a laser. I reach for it all the time for small prep. I tend to prefer a stiffer blade for trimming protein, though I agree, that's down to preference. It really shines with thin, precise cuts. It runs short -- I find the 210 vastly more...
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    Confused by my sharpening stones (?!)

    Better than the King 800?
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    Confused by my sharpening stones (?!)

    Fair enough. I had thought the nagura that came with my Chosera 3K was a hunk of 3K. It looks identical.
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    Confused by my sharpening stones (?!)

    From Naniwa: The Naniwa Nagura Stones are offered in ten different grits, from 220 to 12000. Naguras are particularly helpful for polishing, so a good approach is to choose a nagura that is the same grit or higher than your finest water stone. For instance, if your finest water stone is an 8000...
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    Confused by my sharpening stones (?!)

    Yes, I think the JNS stones work well. He also has a very muddy 3K (people like to soak it, but it works just fine splash-and-go) and 6K that leave good contrast.
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    A Mazaki story

    I haven't cut myself that way yet, but that's how I do it, too, minus the speed and knife in right hand..
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    A Mazaki story

    Yes, with big, convexed, Sanjo knives. Part of it, for me, is that my most recent Mazaki wasn't as thin behind the edge. It feels like it's steering.
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    Yu Kurosaki Knives

    I have the basic Kurouchi AS Gyuto. It's on the light side for me, but I love the profile and the edge holding is great. Prices are still great for that line.