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    Texas Sharpener

    Kayman, I'm not too familiar with how grit progression affects sharpness. All I've ever done was what stones I have. Usually 1k to 8k to natural stone (rated grit I don't remember).
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    Texas Sharpener

    Kayman, I am glad you dived into this topic. I will share now my thoughts on the Bester. Bare in mind that I only have experience with teh Shapton 1k and King 1k for comparison. King vs Bester Much better feedback from the Bester. The Bester requires heavy pressure. Bester doesn't have the...
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    Texas Sharpener

    I've been sharpening for five years or so now. I started out on Bester 1200, like many others. I used that stone for years to no avail. I wasn't able to cut paper for like two or three years -- crazy, I know. I had watched videos like crazy, but I never could sharpen. Finally, a video by...