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  1. Customfan

    Unpopular opinions

    You dont need that nany knives to cook well.... just a few, well picked blades will suffice ....
  2. Customfan

    WTS Konosuke Fuji Gyuto White #1

    I use this same config fuji all the time and its one if my go to gyutos, easy to sharpen and gets just insanely keen.... great option.... GLWS
  3. Customfan

    WTS Sugimoto 4001

    I own this suji #1 and just used it yesterday, its a blast to use since its not too cumbersome..... maybe a good way to get into cleavers if you've been pondering it.... GLWS
  4. Customfan

    Ban on 210 gyutos

    Noooo.... 210 can be cool under certain circumstances ,-) been a 240 advocate for years but.. i have a 210 that I use for a lot of tasks... pointy coexistence says I.
  5. Customfan

    SOLD Watanabe 255 Iron Clad

    The force is strong with that one! ;-)
  6. Customfan

    WTT Beautiful specimen (authentic and unopened)

    Haven't you heard? There is poo everywhere!... but I see your point.... ;-)
  7. Customfan

    WTT Beautiful specimen (authentic and unopened)

    1) pass-arounds are iffy at this point.... Looks like you guys have quite a bit of rust issues! ;-) 2) this is old school, kinda like going back to vinyl .. better absorption.... nothing like Vintage so to speak. 3) trade value? Its equivalent to 439 hand wipes or 9 gallons of disinfectant...
  8. Customfan

    if you were allowed to only have 1 stone...

    Im more of a 1k advocate, just works better for me.... Nothing fancy, choseras, kitayamas, etc.
  9. Customfan

    WTT Beautiful specimen (authentic and unopened)

    Specs 6 x 24 mega rolls 101.05 mm tall 123.19 wide Real McCoy certified authentic Doble ply soft and cushiony, I used one once so I have a good idea of how they should behave in the field (so to speak). Plastic is sealed, ready to go! Would do a straight trade for: - Kato 240 damy western...
  10. Customfan

    WTS Genkai 300... Gidgee & blond

    There was once a great man.....
  11. Customfan

    WTS Genkai 300... Gidgee & blond

    Upsy..... daisy.....