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    Withdrawn Kiyoshi Kato sale

    Standard tends to be flatter and shorter in length compared to the wh and the steel is different. Surprised manny of these are still here. GLWS
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    WTB Hinoura Kitaeji 210 or 240 Gyuto

    The pattern is the difference. Knife image above you can see there is no twist and is the plain kitaeji. Half twist is basically half of the twist pattern on each side or one side with areas of plain kurochi showing depending on the pattern itself. Full twist shows the twist pattern on both side...
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    WTB WTB/WTT Kato 270 Gyuto

    Would love to hear your impressions khashy when you receive it.
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    WTS Kato Sakimaru Takohiki 300mm BNIB

    Sorry not right handed lol.
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    WTS Kato Sakimaru Takohiki 300mm BNIB

    DInt know how many of these Kato is making anymore. I feel most of his output is gyutos these days. Pretty sure yanagibas take quite a bit of work to make. He isn’t getting any younger either but still going at it.
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    WTB Hinoura Kitaeji 210 or 240 Gyuto

    This is specifically for the kitaeji correct. Not one of the river jump half or full twist. Just wanted to help clarify Incase anybody out there has one.
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    WTB 180 petty- Kato or other?

    What’s the height on that Kato petty. Just wondering what kind of dimensions his petty run.
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    Withdrawn Heiji Gyuto Yo Handle

    Yup I also see the three dots in a triangle as well which I believes indicates that this is his semi stainless?
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    SOLD Hinoura 240 Ironwood handle

    Is this a tsukasa or the Ajikataya line which is worked on by both Honoura and his son Mutsumi based on the kanji.
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    SOLD Ashi Honyaki 250mm gyuto

    Yup in one of the other threads jon confirmed that it took him 6 years to get the latest one. I’m sure his Ashi’s backlog of work to fulfill is plenty long as well. Beautiful knife the hamon really pops.
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    Didn’t know Ashi still made honyaki knives. Any other knives that have supposedly stopped being made

    true the order could have been years ago or maybe Jon just has those connections :)
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    Didn’t know Ashi still made honyaki knives. Any other knives that have supposedly stopped being made

    I didn’t know Ashi still made honyakis. Are there these knives that some knife makers have supposedly stopped or make very seldom (or possible old stock)? Just saw the gesshin one sell out in about 2 minutes. Congrats to the buyer!
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    SOLD Shigefusa Kasumi Chuka

    Congrats. Love seeing these hunts come to a happy ending.
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    WTT Ku Kato 240mm

    Kato has only worked with white blue and his Damascus right? GLW the trade.
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    WTT Ku Kato 240mm

    Yup as far as I know only way to tell is trust your source or experience on the stones is probably all you have to tell.