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    Knife edge won't last after sharpening

    Depends on the angle he sharps his knife at, the steel hardness and very important what cutting board he uses. In Japan it is common to use a microbevel for edge retention, if the knife is very thin at the edge. Just check out some videos on how to put on a microbevel. Also try to use end grain...
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    Fake Ashi Honyaki Sold

    Yes. What the buyers don't really know is that they pay 2800$ for a yanagiba which the 2ndry market seller bought for 130k yen from a local store. Or some pay 1500$ for a gyuto in a paulonia box. Same knife is purchased for 60k yen ( aprox 559$) and the box (some wood and black ink) and japanese...
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    Fake Ashi Honyaki Sold

    Not really. There have been some genuine ashi 240 going for 2700$-ish as well as some 210 for 2500$. For a rare knife I've seen at least 4 being sold since last autumn (2x 240 and 2x210). Not on BST
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    Fake Ashi Honyaki Sold

    I knew it was fake advertisement from the moment it was posted. It's not really a fake Ashi, it's most likely a Shiraki being sold as an Ashi. Note that I think that some of the auctions are being staged. They have people bidding to raise the price.
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    Knife findings

    Now they show stock for 350$. I payed 230$ for mine shipped internationally
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    Knife findings

    At this price for that steel that finish and that handle i think is a best buy. I've just ordered mine. Thanks for the input
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    Any suggestions for reading history of knife? (Especially kitchen knives)

    Very good reading. But the OP was just asking what drives the difference of steels soft vs hard in various cultures. And my point of view is that historic(medieval) warefare basically determines that culture's metalurgical tendencies.
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    Any suggestions for reading history of knife? (Especially kitchen knives)

    Just try to read more on the history of Japan and their warfare vs Europe and you will start to get a picture. History has all the information you need to understand the traits of a present culture. If you think that in Japan the most important society members the samurai, were part of an elite...
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    Questions on Xerxes Knives

    Well whoever bought the wrought iron 1.5k €, I think also bought the 4k€. They both dissapeared at the same time so I guess the same transaction. Congrats to the guy! What i liked about thd 4 k integral was 1) it had a superb finish 2) the wrought iron damascus and the hagane damascus just...
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    WTB Takamura R2 nakiri - Uchigumo/Suminagashi

    You can buy direcly from their shop. They sell all kinds of uchi in all sizes (from 180 to 300mm). Just write them an email and buy it from the source when the covid restrictions are lifted.
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    Questions on Xerxes Knives

    I wanted to buy the Rought Iron one with western handle, had it in my cart but quit because I have the following doubts: 1)don't know how food release is on them(it looked very flat) 2) the tip seems very pointy and fragile 3) looks tricky to maintain with a reactive coating. Maybe some of...
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    Knife findings

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    SOLD Tanaka r2 gyuto ironwood western 240mm

    Edit: I don’t want to send the wrong message. This is a beautiful knife and a great buy for anyone. I am just very specific about the knife I want to buy.
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    Help me Choose a 210mm Gyuto from Mizaki, Yoshikane, Wakui, and Hinoura

    Just a coment on the Hinoura AS, its very easy to sharpen( i don't feel the difference to white 2) due to heat treat and will hold the sharpness for a lot longer. I would try Yoshikane for the wider bevel and geometry and refinement over the Mazaki. I find it to be the better knife.
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    Show your newest knife buy

    Yet this is not a Wh and neither a standard 210. A standard 210 is 196-200mm and 46mm at heel