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  1. daniel_il

    Bought Aizu

    changed it for "bought" - i got too many offers to choose from, thanks KKF!
  2. daniel_il

    Knife findings

    47mm at the heel…more like a raquin ks 😑
  3. daniel_il

    Bought marko\shihan 52100 petty

    This one is closed! thanks to the seller
  4. daniel_il

    Bought Morihei 4k

    this was fast! thanks to the great seller😎
  5. daniel_il

    Bought Morihei 4k

    Hello all looking to try out the morihei instead of my current chosera3k. trying my luck here before ordering from CKC.:) Daniel
  6. daniel_il

    Bought Aizu

    Hey all Looking to buy my first jnat and hope it would also be my last. i want to try out aizu as my double bevel finisher, feel free to contact me if youre looking to sell any of those..;) Daniel
  7. daniel_il

    Bought Carbon 270 Suji

    bought mazaki KU 270, this one closed!:)
  8. daniel_il

    Show your newest knife buy

    Fujiyama 240 extra thick
  9. daniel_il

    Review: Markin Gyuto 240 mm

    very nice blade and handle, loved that the tip in particular
  10. daniel_il

    WTB Kato 210

    hope its used enough
  11. daniel_il

    Bought marko\shihan 52100 petty

    Hello and happy new year! i have tried so many petty knives during the last year including: takamura, toyama and HD2 but always went back to my simple Masahiro VC because its feels more robust. I'm looking for WH petty, shihan and marko came to my mind but hit me up with whatever u like...