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  1. daveb

    Customer service question

    You've just captured USPS business model. "Yes I know you paid for 2 day delivery. Yes I know it took 10 days. Yes I know there's not a thing you can do about it. No there will be no refund" Small wonder that when the US Govt wants to ship something to be there on time they use FedEx...
  2. daveb

    Hello and Help with Knife Identification, two birds with one stone !

    Welcome. Other members can speak to this better than I can (but that's never stopped me before...) Classic Gustov are pretty well regarded and would be solid kitchen knives.. But likely no collector value. Doubt the poly handles are anything more than cheap stamped stainless.
  3. daveb

    YouTube Knuckleheads

    Kenji's knife creds were established when he called the Misen the "Holy Grail". Popcorn worthy pissing contest with him buried in the KKF basement.
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    Avatar and Identity

    Targeted to divorced wimin.
  5. daveb

    Shig contact details..

    Best = Likely Alternatively could follow obits of Shig owners.....
  6. daveb

    Shig contact details..

    Best bet for a short response is to wait for a current owner to come to their senses. :cool: :cool: :cool:
  7. daveb

    Hitohira Kikuchiyo Ginsanko (at carbon)

    If you buy it, I'll borrow it :cool:
  8. daveb

    WTS Bloodroot, Isasmedjan, Yoshikane

    I never use a 210. But have a Yoshi 210 I bought from Maxim, my 4th or 5th Jknife. And it's not going anywhere. Probably be a good fit when I'm old(er) and feeble(er). GLWS.
  9. daveb

    Avatar and Identity

    Yo Matus - I didn't think Germans did funny? :cool: :cool: :cool:
  10. daveb

    WTS Bloodroot, Isasmedjan, Yoshikane

    Yoshi is definitely underrated in the knife world. They've got the profile, the geometry, the balance, the steel down as well as any maker (and better than most). Like.
  11. daveb

    Recommend me a gyuto (white/blue core, stainless clad)

    You want a Gengetsu from JKI. (Not sure if it fits budget - if not, change the budget :cool: ) Yoshikane makes a couple nice variants that fit your requirements, Cleancut's Kashima and Knives and Stones' Amekiri.
  12. daveb

    Made the decision to become a Hobbyist Craftsman

    That handle is smokin!
  13. daveb

    Recipe Requested Ruffed Grouse Recipes

    Spruce grouse tastes like pine trees......
  14. daveb

    Pork belly time and temperature?

    A post I did here awhile ago had a friends time/temp on pork belly that remains the best I've had. IIRC it was under 24hrs. Would link but I'm pretty worthless with fon.
  15. daveb

    need help professional opinion on this

    Misono is a brand that is pretty solid across the range of knives they offer. 205mm is pretty short but if it works for you......