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    I am a little bit confused about burrs

    This is good stuff I picked up from Nemo last year. I don’t have the patience to repeat much of the sharpening, so I adopted a grossly simplified version where I just repeat a few light edge-trailing strokes on my final stone after burr removal, then go through the deburring motions again. It...
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    Question on knife shipping etiquette

    I had a closet full of boxes and packing material from Amazon deliveries, so I don’t consider it wasteful to reuse them. Packing is easy. The really hard part is deciding which knives to sell. Awww who am I kidding. My 2nd rack just filled up and I have another knife on the way so I was going...
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    Tru Oil on western handles

    When I was into woodworking I’d shoot a bit of inert gas into the bottles of my tung oil and polyurethane after using. I’m sure you can get stuff marketed for that purpose, but I imagine this stuff I use for wine these days would work just the same if you don’t want to go hunting around for...
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    a status update

    When I spent a summer in France during my high school years, I was initially really shy about trying to speak the language (I had a couple years of French in high school at that point). But I discovered if you have a vague idea of words in the general ballpark and you just throw them all out in...
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    Question on knife shipping etiquette

    Maybe the package handlers at the shipper and the delivery guys are a little more careful with plastic bags and don’t bury them under heavy boxes. While heavy boxes get thrown on top of anything else in a box. So perhaps using a plastic bag is its own safety measure in a weird way?
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    Media Youtube AWESOME!

    This popped up in my feed and I found it really interesting. It answered a few questions I had and the historical anecdotes were pretty cool.
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    Question on knife shipping etiquette

    I've actually had some vendors ship me brand new knives that way.
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    Stone ID?

    I’m sure it was a water stone and not oil, as I’ve always had an aversion to using oil on a stone. Also it’s not a combi, I think I just used to use both sides so they’re both dirty. And yup it looks like it really needs serious flattening - totally agree now that if I couldn’t raise a proper...
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    Stone ID?

    Very hard.
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    Stone ID?

    Here’s the last mystery stone. I recall it being advertised as some kind of hybrid, maybe a ceramic hybrid? To the touch it feels like unglazed teracotta pottery, and closer to my SG500 in grit than my SG1000. This was the stone I tried the most with my VG10 and was almost completely unable to...
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    Show your newest knife buy

    [ I remember seeing that on his IG and thinking “OMG which lucky [email protected] is getting that!?!?” Congrats man, it looks freaking awesome!
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    Good Butter

    Seems possible - I actually thought the cheesy flavor wasn't bad. When I did some googling I found posts saying it was a sign the butter was going bad.
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    Stone ID?

    I'll get a pick of the final mystery stone; since it's a low grit I wasn't as curious about it. I was soaking the king for about 10 mins, I'll try at least 24 hours next time. I started off with light to moderate pressure then increased to heavier pressure as my frustration built over the...
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    Stone ID?

    What do you find it to be good at? e.g. Mostly creating a highly refined edge on carbon steels? Is it a soaker or splash and go? Would it also be good for kasumi polishing?
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    Stone ID?

    I got another lower grit stone at the same time as the two pictured; the texture feels like it’s in the 800-1k range. I seem to recall it being marketed as some kind of hybrid; when dunked in water big bubbles come streaming out, and it feels quite tough. I used these three for my very first...