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  1. Desert Rat

    Knife workshop

    Now that is sweet. Looks like the threads are pretty fast too. Mine has the old fashion peg board that I almost never move, but if I did it would be a pain. I don't like to bend down.
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    Knife workshop

    Nothing runs like the heavy vintage cast stuff. Might be overkill, but ya... Nice looking bench too. I've never seen a leg vice with a crank on it like that, did you fabricate it. I don't have anything fancy but here is my woodworking leg vice that serves my purposes. I traded for a vintage...
  3. Desert Rat

    Knife workshop

    You are in the best part of the country for picking old tools. If you put some effort into it you will find all you need in the way of smithing tools. There is nothing like a blacksmiths leg vise (post vise). Made to be beat on and the jaws are soft non marring (wrought iron).
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    I have a Nakayama Kita that I use mostly for razors. I haven't been able to find a place for it with knifes but I have limited nagura options. Not at all sure that would change anything though.
  5. Desert Rat

    Some questions about slate...

    I seem to do best finishing on clear water with the three or four kinds of slate I have.
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    How to sharpen serrated Tojiro bread knife?

    I just did mine because it left the factory with out all the bur removed. I used wet dry paper folded into the form of a cone shaped gouge slip. These things...https://toolsforworkingwood.com/store/item/MS-JSLIPC.XX. It doesn't need to be perfect the paper will conform to the surface.
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    lets have a new razor thread.

    I started with kamisori's and have no regrets. I got into straights to save money so my first razor wasn't near as nice or any that I own now for that matter. Start with what appeals to you and it might be best to get comfortable with it before you start bouncing back and forth between the two...
  8. Desert Rat

    Stone to use after Aizu?

    A coticule is probably finer then a guy needs and they get expensive in bigger sizes but they are a nice. Is there a knife steel they don't work well on?
  9. Desert Rat

    Why isn’t bamboo or plastic cutting boards ideal for hard knives?

    The end brain feels softer than the edge grain to me. I'm just a home cook though so don't have the experience as others here.
  10. Desert Rat

    Why isn’t bamboo or plastic cutting boards ideal for hard knives?

    Or a foreign object is in the Boos some place. Could of been imbedded in the tree or became embedded in the block after the fact.
  11. Desert Rat

    Why isn’t bamboo or plastic cutting boards ideal for hard knives?

    Very odd. I have been useing a 24 x 24 x 6 end grain maple Boos butcher block for better than a decade with no issues at all. It was old and abused when I found it but it will easily out live me.
  12. Desert Rat

    Why isn’t bamboo or plastic cutting boards ideal for hard knives?

    When a knife gets sharper through use on a cutting board I have to think that the test was flawed from the start.
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    Cork vs. Leather Strops, what is your preference?

    I thought the ink had somthing to do with newspapers performance as a strop? I have played around with it by wrapping it around a stone. It's effective but I'm just not much a strop guy when it comes to knifes.
  14. Desert Rat

    Naturals from outside japan

    I have a few Coti's with a Belgian blue side. I haven't found a use for it being much inferior to the coticule side in the handful of stones that I own. Arks are what I use most of the time. I think it is very dependent on sharpening styles how people will view them, they for sure are not for...
  15. Desert Rat

    What do you guys use to sharpen pocket knives?

    Washita or a Smith's Washita hard combo. It takes me just a couple of minutes to return my edges to sharp with the traditional folders that I prefer.