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    I need to vent.

    Unhappy people are the most sharing people in the world. There's no need to accept what they offer.
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    Just Another Dam Project - Pass HHT on your kitchen knife

    Bess edge yet. Thought I’d give this a try since I’ve only achieved hair whittling edges. Was able to get a hair popping edge. Jki permasoaked 2000, 6000, coticule and stropped on kangaroo leather.
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    Advice: introducing different coarse/med stones in my lineup

    King 800 Deluxe is the classic synthetic matt grey kasumi polisher. I'm not a fan of the Naniwa "Green Brick". Has a weird plastic feeling feedback and leaves a big mess of green pigment. As the swarth breaks down it will polish too a finer finish so i remember not achieving an even finish. Gave...
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    Out of the stone loop

    Japanese Knife Imports Gessin 8000 is a soft feeling high grit stone. I tried one when I visited Jon a few years ago. I would have purchased one but it was out of stock at the time. It has a creamy feel and cuts very fast. If you like the feel of the Rika 5000 you will get similar feedback from...
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    Good non stick fry pan

    Had to replace some pans when I got an induction range. Got a Madein cookware 10inch non stick frying pan(not ceramic or PTFE). Best non stick cookware that I've used, Use mostly for eggs and searing fish. After about a year and a half it still performs like it did new. Think I'll get twelve...
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    Cleaning your Atoma?

    Nylon brush and Bar Keepers Friend makes it shine like it was new.
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    Hurricane Lane

    Good news, looks like the hurricane is being sheared apart by high level winds. Still facing possible high winds and heavy rains in some areas but the chance of us being hit be hurricane force winds is much less probable after the latest observations.
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    Hurricane Lane

    Stay safe Keith. This one looks like a doozy. All stocked up on toilet paper , rice and spam.
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    Felt Group Buy??

    Just got mine. Thanks Dave and Chinacats for getting the ball rolling on this! This felt is definitely harder then the other felt I have. Tried it on some white steel and some stainless blades I sharpened and it works great. I'm going to mount a pad on some bass wood that I have. Should be a...
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    Felt Group Buy??

    Count me in. Three of each
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    Tojiro DP 240mm Western Deba; Misono moly hankotsu with leather saya

    Love my Tojiro yo Deba. Watch Rick blast through chicken with his.
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    adding an 8000 stone

    I tried the Gesshin 8000 when I visited Jon last year. I really liked the feedback and the speed of the Gesshin 8000 and would have purchased one but it was out of stock at the time. I subsequently picked up a Kitayama 8000 and found it to be a pleasurable stone to use. Both of these stones...
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    Sonny on Saute!!!

    Is that Sonny's turn to cook the staff meal or is it the new app on the menu? "Foot in Mouth" Funny video!
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    Single bevel gyuto

    This Sugimoto 270 and Naozumi 240 are both flat on the back and convexed on the front. The Sugimoto is actually very slightly concaved on the backside and has a 5mm bevel on the front edge. I put a micro bevel on the back side and they both hold their edge well in home usage. They don't seem to...
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    How old are you guys?

    59 for one more month. First real job was a fast food cook back in 1975.