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  1. Elliot

    WTS Two Tatsuo Ikeda / One Genkai

    Tatsuo Sakimaru on hold. Tatsuo honyaki Santoku and Genkai still available.
  2. Elliot

    WTS Two Large Suita

  3. Elliot

    WTS Genkai Masakuni gyuto

    Pm sent.
  4. Elliot

    WTS Two Tatsuo Ikeda / One Genkai

    Still available for ya :)
  5. Elliot

    Withdrawn Kato Gyuto 270 mm

    It's very full and heavy. Does science pay by the pound?
  6. Elliot

    WTS Two Tatsuo Ikeda / One Genkai

    Here are a few I just took on my phone in the last five minutes. As you can see, protective lacquer still on.
  7. Elliot

    WTS Two Tatsuo Ikeda / One Genkai

    Thanks! The prices really are good. I was very lucky to score them at reasonable rates and would rather pass that on as opposed to maximize any sort of "profit."
  8. Elliot

    Best blend of beauty and performance in a Gyuto ?

    Yoshi Black Dammy is kind of hard to beat if you're looking for the apex of performance and looks in one package. In my humble opinion (also factoring in the prohibitive cost and availability of certain other ones like a Kato Kikuryu), that's the best package out of Japan. Western makers (my...
  9. Elliot

    WTS Two Large Suita

    Larger suita sold. Ohira Ocher $850 shipped.
  10. Elliot

    WTS Two Tatsuo Ikeda / One Genkai

    New month bump.
  11. Elliot

    WTS Two Large Suita

  12. Elliot

    PleAse I need Help to pick best Gyuto for a professional chef

    The Denka is a very high end knife and a killer in terms of performance. Not fully stainless if that’s truly a pre-requisite. If you really want something stainless, I’d think Yoshikane SKD is a good bet and would cost you a fraction of what your budget is.