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    WTS Legendary level Okudo Ocher sunashi suita (8Kg total)

    Are you interested in partial trades? Knives and or stones? I have been fascinated with this stone for years from one of your previous posts.
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    SOLD Shigefusa 240 Wa Gyuto with Mike Henry Custom Handle

    I also love that you have a 240 shig just hanging out in your basement. Like a baller!
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    WTS Haburn 255x56

    Any interest in trades?
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    WTS Ashi ginga honyaki gyuto 330 mm

    That is the most amazing knife I have ever seen!
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    SOLD Kato 240 Gyuto

    Does it have a different kanji or something that says this is a different steel?
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    SOLD Rader 240 Integral K-gyuto

    V, send it to me and let me cut a couple onions with it and I’ll mail it to whoever buys it . Seriously though I don’t know if there is better fit and finish than a Rader. Someone will be very happy.
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    When does J-knife collecting become a sickness?

    Anyone ever make the mistake of getting the calculator out and totaling the cash you have tied up in your collection? I did last weekend, it wasn't pretty.
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    what are you shooting? (handgun thread)

    There's one on hkpro right now for $2150 so I think you did pretty good.
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    what are you shooting? (handgun thread)

    Ken, I'm jealous!
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    what are you shooting? (handgun thread)

    Nickel P7 is my unicorn!!
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    what are you shooting? (handgun thread)

    HK quit making them so price is going up. If I could find 12 I’d buy them too. If I had the cash.
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    what are you shooting? (handgun thread)

    I would love to get my hands on a P7. If you’re ever selling let me know.
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    what are you shooting? (handgun thread)

    Yes, 22/45 with a liberty essence. Optic is a trijicon.
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    what are you shooting? (handgun thread)

    Since we are talking Rugers. Here's my plinker.