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    What grit do you finish your knives on?

    After years of using waterstones i needed something else to play with. I now finish almost every general use chef knives on a soft Arkansas (Dan’s 8x3), perfect balance of tooth and refinement also push cut nicely. I still use waterstones for thinning, general grinding and bevel setting. the...
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    Flattening ShaptonGlass 320 stone.

    Sell the DGLP and get an Atome 140
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    Are there steels/knife brands that are particularly hard to sharpen?

    The more vanadian carbides a steel has, the more wear resistance it is. At abouth 3-4% diamonds work the best and provide optimal results. As for as soft and cheap stainless, I never found them problematic even with dirt cheap knives. You just have to use edge leading strokes and coarse grit...
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    WTS Naniwa Professional set (400/1000/3000) with holder

    Getting rid of this set - Naniwa Professional 400 19mm left, almost never used - Naniwa Professional 1000 9mm left - Naniwa Professional 3000 19mm left, almost never used - Universal stone holder - Naniwa Dressing stone - naniwa cleaning stone (stnthetic "nagura") Price : ..........$225.00...
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    There is a post on IG where they stick a glass stone to their plate, seriously ? I never used anything from this company but I never been so repelled buy an abrasive company than this one. To me this is total snake oil.
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    finishing stone recommendation please 5-8k

    I use almost the same stones as you but 1k instead of 800 and my favorite stone for when I want more than the NP 3k is the Naniwa Super Stone 5000. It is ridiculousy soft but I just use it with edge trailing strokes, it feels very nice for that. Beware is loads up like crazy for any grinding/...
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    What stone(s) to add?

    Shapton pro 2000 is nice and will fit nicely with what you already have, it is also quite affordable and good value. But... Naniwa Professional 3000 (new chosera) is so nice you will forget about the shapton pro 5000 right away Edit : if all you have is the 1/5k you would probably be better...
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    Cheapest stone for thinning

    Norton Coarse Crystolon 8'' x 3'' $19.99
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    Sabatier and global knife sharpening

    I sharpen a lot of Global and I seriously don't understand people claiming they are a pain to sharpen. They sharpen just as well and other basic stainless like Mac, Wusthof, DP... They can get pretty sharp. They thrive on coarse grit edge and will have decent edge retentions at 400 to 1000...
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    Felt Stropping

    I prefer denim on a piece of wood, cheaper and IMO works better than felt.
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    King Deluxe 300: What kind of binder?

    From what I have read 800/1000/1200 are clay, 4000/6000/8000 are resin As for 300 no way it is clay. It is so much different from the others. Doesn’t seem to have much binder and abrasive density seems quite high. Would love to now more about the manufacturing of this stone. So much good for...
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    (partly) adding curve to flat spot

    1) breadknife to desired profile. Coarse crystolon on is about the best for this 2) thin 3) refinish to whatever you like 4) set new edge
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    Recommendation for intermediate skill level stones

    Shapton glass 500 + 2000 : Splash and go, Compact set and works well Naniwa Pro 800 + 3000 : also splash and go, feels nicer but more expensive and prone to cracking
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    Single Handed vs Switch Handed

    Thinning and wide bevels : Switch hands Edge sharpening : Right hand only