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    Shig. Kasumi DIY

    If your Toyama needs a new home, I'm known for creating a peaceful and happy environent where everyone is freely encouraged to be their very best selves.
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    Knife findings

    Can't believe I missed Toyama, both 240 and 210😢.
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    The 'Best' Gyuto Edge Length—225mm of course!

    Couldn't agree more. I've only ever measured one of my knives, and that was for the sake of comparing it to another knife from the same maker.
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    TF or Watanabe?

    Kojiro Watanabe is a pretty well know TF whisperer and manages to coax out pretty great levels of performance from these blades. ;) . On a little more serious note, if you're looking for perfectly even blade roads for thinning, then TF's probably aren't for you. They forge and grind their knives...
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    TF or Watanabe?

    Yes, but forge welded isn't synonymous with inhouse forged, which was what had me wondering about your comment. That clears it up :)
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    TF or Watanabe?

    The Nashiji line isn't forged inhouse? That seems very odd to me.
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    WTS Tanaka Sekiso 210 Yo handle DIY conversion

    I've said it before, but I just love the work you did on this handle. Looks exquisite and matches the blade so well.
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    How do you gauge store brand and retailer lines?

    I've been biting my tongue until now, but are you for real? Meant as a serious question. Several people have spent their time offering you good advice about how to acquire information and tried to help you in your decision making by asking you pertinent questions about your preferences, wants...
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    Shig. Kasumi DIY

    It looks really nice now IMO. Good job!
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    Shig. Kasumi DIY

    How does the knife perform? Have you tested it yet?
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    Unpopular opinions

    Is this actually an unpopular opinion/statement on this forum though?
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    Other Guanciale affumicato

    Looks and sounds great! I just got a real craving for all'amatriciana.
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    Favorite shapton glass progression

    Out of curiosity, what didn't you like about the 220 and 3k?
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    Difference Between Kiso Hinoki and Aomari Hibari Chopping Boards?

    Just wipe them with a towel after washing and then let them air dry for a bit. They're fairly easy to take care of, no need to overthink it. I think you'll enjoy your new boards :)
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    Difference Between Kiso Hinoki and Aomari Hibari Chopping Boards?

    I meant the underside as well as the side you chop on.