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    The Next Grand-Palooza Knife Fight Event Extraordinaire -- Minneapolis 2017

    I'll be there. I picked up a couple of blades since the last one that don't get nearly the use they deserve. If it's in MPLS, I might be able to line up something cool through some guys that Chuckles knows.
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    carolina Gold rice?

    Geechie Boy is awesome and potentially a game-changer in terms of grits if you're used to the bland, powdery stuff. I like Carolina Gold and think it's worth it for hoppin' john and jambalaya, but I see the arguments about its cost and marketing.
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    I'm Done With Damascus

    If I said "the best of the best" I doubt I would be exaggerating.
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    Cannot Log In

    Thanks, Angie--I'm squared away now.
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    Nenohi's - Not much love?

    The only Nenox I've ever owned or used is a 210mm S1 gyuto. While I'm considering parting with mine, that has absolutely nothing to do with its performance. Though I cook at home, baby my knives and their edges, and do nothing like the volume of a professional kitchen, my experience with the...
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    Nenox S1 210mm Gyuto

    Selling a gently used Nenox S1 210mm gyuto with an ironwood handle. Bought new from member Customfan about three years ago and used minimally since. Will ship with box and saya (though the saya pin is missing). Asking $300 shipped and paypaled within the CONUS. Cannot for the...
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    Custom makers, deposits and the fallout from the PR (!!) fiasco

    Just want to say that I've been waiting for this thread or its equivalent for a long time. The push and pull craft/artisan vs. business mentalities among people selling their talent (knifemakers, obviously, but also people like tailors) is fascinating. Thanks to everyone and in particular to...
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    Food Fraud

    The straw-man consumer that the article sets up is a pretty low bar IMHO. It's pretty easy to know if your olive oil is the real deal, for example, and I would guess that the claims about only two sushi restaurants in America serving the fish they claim are more than hyperbolic. Jon knows the...
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    Shig deba, Marko suji

    Honestly surprised that the suji hasn't gone yet. It'd be mine if I didn't have one on order.
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    coarse stone

    The Beston 500 needs permasoaking and regular flattening/resurfacing if you want it to feel like anything other than dragging your knife down a sidewalk. It gives good results, but the feedback is painful compared to the Gesshin line.