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  1. Henry

    Name that one most underrated knife

    Sad that it ended with him.
  2. Henry

    Teruyasu Fujiwara Gyuto Denka 240 mm + Ebony handle with buffalo horn ferrule

    I have both Denka and Takeda AS. Though I love my Takeda, they are no way comparable to a Denka. You are making the right choice to go with a Denka.
  3. Henry

    Name that one most underrated knife

    Ken Kageura (retired) knives. Some don't like them as they are a little fat but ascetically, one of the most beautiful knives I have used. Beauty is subjective but in my opinion they are more beautiful than a River Jump or dare I say, a Shig. The beauty is understated and humble.
  4. Henry

    WTB Masakage Kujira 210 gyuto

    I have a couple 180 and a 240 but I don't think I can part with them. As you probably know, he makes his own damascus out of recycled iron like parts from a WWII battleship. I have never seen a more beautiful patina. Under certain light and angle you cannot see any then with indirect natural...
  5. Henry

    Canadian Duty?

    Thanks Carlos.
  6. Henry

    Canadian Duty?

    Thank you. When they ask if the product was made in a NAFTA country, do I say no if I am buying it from a vendor in the United States?
  7. Henry

    Canadian Duty?

    What sort of duty would one pay when purchasing a knife from a vendor in Europe or the US? Also if one buys a knife from BTS outside of Canada, do they have to pay any duty when it crosses the boarder? Thanks in advance.
  8. Henry

    Your take on makers/hamono?

    Masakage Koishi, Super Blue Stainless Clad.
  9. Henry

    My favorite color is BLUE!.............A patina thread.

    Same knife as above, picture taken same day just different lighting.
  10. Henry

    Show us your Steak Knife

    Takeda AS Bunka converted to a Steak Knife Took me three days on a 400 grit stone to reshape the blade. I will have to fine tune the grind as I use it.
  11. Henry

    Show your newest knife buy

    Shibata Tinker Tank Heavy but very thin behind the edge. No kanji as these are his experimental line. Only the date and number of blades made.
  12. Henry

    Pros/cons of a polished blade?

    Does the patina on a mirror finish differ? In my limited experience, the higher the grit polish on a reactive steel, the more blue to purple end of the colour spectrum the patina seemed to get.
  13. Henry


    That is a great price for the Denka Petty. I have one and is one of the best cutters I have ever tried. GLWS