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    paring and petty

    About 44 mm
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    paring and petty

    these 2 are part of a 3 pc set that I'm delivering today slim handle paring and petty
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    Some recent work

    fillet knife - AEB-L French pattern chef's knife - AEB-L kitchen knife - 26C3 core and wrought iron slicer - A2 sujihiki - 26c3 core and stainless cladding
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    Is there a common pin size for Western knife handles/tangs?

    those knives tend to have larger diameter pins, common sizes would be nominal diameters, 5/32", 3/16" etc etc
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    Anyone heard from Cris Anderson?

    Taking money upfront is super super stressful for a Knifemaker and nothing but a liability.
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    FS 235mm slicer. 26c3 and wrought iron

    Available this 9.3” [235 x 41] slicer. 26c3 high carbon steel core and wrought iron cladding from Ray Rybar MS Handle - rosewood Patagonia and Purpleheart. Spine 2.5 mm and tapering. $500 and $15 shipping USA, Int’l at cost
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    N. Phoenix, AZ is here

    Welcome. I’m about almost 2 hrs north of you in central AZ
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    What's the ideal RPM for you?

    I would. If the motor fires up freely and doesn’t get hot or make noise I would totally buy used Baldor
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    PPE, but mostly Respirator Questions

    Of the 3M? I don’t know. Otherwise I would’ve bought another one of those. Doesn’t have any identification marks that I can see. I believe I got it from tru grit in Ontario California
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    PPE, but mostly Respirator Questions

    I use the 3M half mask with a quick release. The quick release drop down is super important as I work full-time and I can’t be taking it on and off all the time. recently I bought a moldex 8000 without quick release and the face seal is pretty good but I’m not that happy with the strap...
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    What's the ideal RPM for you?

    Many variables to this answer but in general on my hardcore 2 x 72 the motor is 1750 rpm, and I rarely run it more than 30% even on 50 grit rough grinding most grinding is done at 20% and I do it primarily by sound and feel
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    The Brazil commission

    These five knives are going to a new customer in Brazil so I named it the Brazil commission details on 3 of them 5 inch utility knife in vg-10 Core and Suminagashi layers and Kingwood with full tapered tang Sujihiki in z wear and wenge Gyuto in Suminagashi and Macassar Ebony and Marblewood
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    Raffle - 310 mm pizza slicer, san mai

    Turns out the winner is a guy in Phoenix who works at a pizza place! He actually happened to be visiting central Arizona for the cooler weather and camping and I was able to meet him and deliver personally