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    Best stainless steel and grit for cutting tomatoes and peppers

    I love ginsan and cut lots of various veggies with it. I like to finish on a SG2k with some light stropping. I don't know if it's the best, but it sure works for me. :)
  2. HumbleHomeCook

    Sharpening crappy knives

    100% agree on the Crystolon.
  3. HumbleHomeCook

    back of the head hair test

    Okay, I'll be serious and piggy back on @stringer's thoughts... I've done all manner of "edge testing" to include the hair on the back of the head thing. Most of it, for me, if I'm being truly honest with myself, is novelty. My knives are all different and I sharpen many of them differently...
  4. HumbleHomeCook

    back of the head hair test

    If you're testing a knife edge against your hair follicles, well... 😲
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    Sharpening crappy knives

    Me? I'd give that back to her and give her this link:
  6. HumbleHomeCook

    Sharpening crappy knives

    It may not really be sharpenable. Some of those truly crappy knives aren't properly tempered.
  7. HumbleHomeCook

    Show your newest knife buy

    Nothing sexy here for sure but I'm still excited. *Ingredients have nothing to do with the knife. Wife was gathering up stuff for salad when I slipped in for a pic. I like breaking down whole chickens and it was time to get a proper tool for the job. I've been back and forth about Western...
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    Advertising Below Banner???

    I noticed it is a supporting vendor. Is that a new perk for them?
  9. HumbleHomeCook

    German knife of coolness?
  10. HumbleHomeCook

    House warming gift?

    I looked today and saw that one was sold and wondered if you'd gotten it. Beauty of a knife. Let us know how it goes. :)
  11. HumbleHomeCook

    Are there any good "Damascus" Kitchen Knives for up to 300$?

    I can only give you my opinion but I suspect it is shared, to one degree or another, by many others. There's absolutely nothing wrong with buying European style brands but once you slip past about $100USD they're short comings just become more and more apparent. European knives are workhorses...
  12. HumbleHomeCook

    Are there any good "Damascus" Kitchen Knives for up to 300$?

    Super broad question. Maybe do some research and then come back with a more narrowed focus? Have a look here:
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    Daily Knife Pics. Any Knife. Join In!

    The little but mighty MAC Pro jumping in for breakfast duties. :) What are your knives doing today???
  14. HumbleHomeCook

    Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

    You, @Lars , @DitmasPork and so many others always have great presentation. So many great pictures of so much great food by so many awesome cooks! And I wholeheartedly agree that presentation can be big factor in the experience. I also agree with everything else you said. As you've seen, I...