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    Scooping/Scraping with your Knife

    This is the way. 🙏
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    Scooping/Scraping with your Knife

    That must take a lot of coordination and practice. ;)
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    This pocket knife I fixed at work the other day.

    Benjamin, the owner, typically recommends the Manticore over the Mutt for the heavy work. It's a great stone at an awesome price.
  4. HumbleHomeCook

    5 nanometer edge on a knife made from 1 micron carbide steel "vancron superclean"

    If you like Roman's videos, check out Big Brown Bear (KKF member @Deadboxhero ) and Michael Christy's channels as well.
  5. HumbleHomeCook

    This pocket knife I fixed at work the other day.

    Do yourself a favor and invest in a Baryonyx Manticore. It is fine for all the alloy types and I find it actually quicker than diamond because you can really lean into it.
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    Quest for the perfect in-hand paring knife

    I don't own one of these so can't give firsthand experience but I've always thought the Yaxell pairing knives looked like good designs. Not sure about thickness. I have a Yaxell gyuto and it is well made. Here is one of the lesser expensive models: Yaxell Mon Paring Knife, 3.25" | Cutlery...
  7. HumbleHomeCook

    Rehabilitating an abused honesuki

    If you're happy with the flatness and are just polishing out scratches, then I agree with the sandpaper at lower grits. If you're still unhappy with the flatness, then I'd go back to the mighty Manticore until you are. That's a beast of a stone.
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    Honing on Shibata Kotetsu Bunka R2

    Lots of options out there. I wouldn't go any shorter than 8" long. I like a combination suede/smooth strop. I also like a bench style over paddle style. I've been using one of these for years: Sharpening Supplies Strop I don't have any R2. I want some though! I would be inclined to get a...
  9. HumbleHomeCook

    Honing on Shibata Kotetsu Bunka R2

    There are rods that will sharpen. They can be steel, ceramic or diamond. But smooth ceramic honing rods are just that, honing rods. They are not meant to sharpen just realign the edge This is essentially the same function of a strop, which again, I prefer. Recurve edges off of rods are...
  10. HumbleHomeCook

    Honing on Shibata Kotetsu Bunka R2

    A ceramic rod should be fine to use if that is your preferred method. The ceramic will be much harder than the steel of the knife. A traditional steel made of steel should not be used for high hardness knives as it will often be softer than the knife steel. Being round is not a problem so...
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    An unfair question OOTB

    I have been studying under Grand Master @ian for quite some time now. All the way back to yesterday. And I have been enlightened to the ways of Food Transformation and Transferation. I have trudged the pathways of this life long enough now that I believe all I would need is a carpet knife and...
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    Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

    Smoked ham hocks and bean soup. The soldiers fallen for the cause. So, so good! Smokey, rich, comforting, the sage I used adding to the Earthiness...Mmmmppphhhh!!! I love this soup. :)
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    Scooping/Scraping with your Knife

    You're like the Dhali Llama of food transfer. Thank you wise one.
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    Scooping/Scraping with your Knife

    Minced garlic must be a *****! :D
  15. HumbleHomeCook

    Scooping/Scraping with your Knife

    I cant the spine of the knife toward the ingredient at say a 30 degree angle or so and then scrape to the side, then flip the edge to the ingredient and scoop. I don't scrape with the edge flat on the board at 90 degrees.