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    WTB Konosuke Keiai T1 240mm gyuto

    I’m not sure those were made in 240, I only remember the 210
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    WTS Kikuichi 240mm Sujihiki and Hattori 105mm parer

    I ran across one of those Kikuichi Gold suji in a pro kitchen , lived on the line as a house knife , used for many many years and still going strong . GLWS!
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    Withdrawn Konosuke Fujiyama Blue Steel 240mm Gyuto

    The only ones ever in stock are the new line (FM), the wide bevel have been retired for some time , so you’re looking for an FM?
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    Withdrawn Konosuke Fujiyama Blue Steel 240mm Gyuto

    Looking for FM or wide bevel? I can’t help with FM
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    SOLD Rare 270x57mm Halcyon Forge gyuto

    What’s the weight? Does the Jertip option cost extra?
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    Why no AS Honyaki?

    Evan antzeberger is doing AS honyaki pretty regularly , and the hamons look good! Check out Evan’s IG to see some nice examples of it
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    SOLD Old stock Kono fujiyama w2 suji 270

    Yes later when I get home I will if you’d like
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    SOLD Old stock Kono fujiyama w2 suji 270

    Hey guys, letting this gem go. Got her in a trade a few months back. From Bernal batch 2017 , Morihiro sharpened. This particular specimen shows a nice high grind , with a high shinogion the right face. Tip is crazy thin, as is the edge . Gentleman I got it from sharpened it a time or 2. I’ve...
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    WTS Kono MB, Masamoto KS, Kagekiyo Ginsan

    All 3 of these are excellent knives in their own right , that new style of kagekiyo has been slept on to be honest, performance is very high as well as fit and finish (chamfered spine) The MB comes with arguably the best stock handle / saya combo on the market in a knife under $1k GLWS
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    WTB HD2 210 / Fuji 210

    Yes it really does. I will also consider 210 fujiyama FM’s
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    WTB HD2 210 / Fuji 210

    I inquired after it and it’s about 46 height unfortunately
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    WTB HD2 210 / Fuji 210

    Looking for a kono HD2 210 increased heel height. These came out to a few vendors not long ago but seem scarce at the moment. Ebony handle preferred I would also consider a fuji FM 210 with the new myojin kanji . Ho wood version from Bernal preferred. And as always old stock fuji 210 Let me...