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    Unpopular opinions

    210 gyutos are stupid. If you need to go small, 180 is the way
  2. IsoJ

    first knife: Fujiwara Denka?

    Or then you can colour light wood with unicorn blood
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    Knife findings

    Shi han website one ss clad 52100 gyuto and aebl nakiri Online now
  4. IsoJ

    Show your newest knife buy

    This little petty arrived today from UK
  5. IsoJ

    WTT Dalman 240 western honyaki

    Received some offers thank you. Still looking for trade. Consider nakiris and cleavers too, like Toyama 210 etc. Let me know what you got.
  6. IsoJ

    Hello from Sweden!

  7. IsoJ

    new member

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    Stropping type and efficacy

    I am quite new to sharpening. I stropped on hard leather without the compound, worked good for me. I tried loaded leathers too but didn't get as good results as I wanted(1 and 3 micron diamond). Then when I started to use edge leading final strokes on the stone, I noticed that the leather didn't...
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    Question regarding oiling

    I bought two kilos, cause the second kilo came basically free when shipping changed included 😂.
  10. IsoJ

    Honyaki Sujihiki

    Very clean package, love the darker finish on the blade. Great work 😍
  11. IsoJ

    SOLD Toyama 270 gyuto

    Sold, thank you KKF 🙏
  12. IsoJ

    SOLD Toyama 270 gyuto

  13. IsoJ

    Knife findings

    Kato kiritsuke gyuto and shige 210 kitaeji coming to JNS site
  14. IsoJ

    Show your newest knife buy

    Looking fantastic 😊, enjoy
  15. IsoJ

    SOLD Toyama 270 gyuto

    And can one have too many Toyamas or Wats?