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  1. Jason183

    Massdrop III: Kamon

    Monosteel doesn’t bent easily, if you try to bent a Monosteel blade, it will bounce back, if you try to bent sanmai blade, it will stay bent.
  2. Jason183

    Is this a short Usuba, or a coverup?

    This does looks liked a cover up to me, the Kanji on the back(Ura)got sharpened away, that’s a bad sign. The back of the blade is probably not as concave anymore. Unless it’s repaired with giant wheel grinder.
  3. Jason183

    CONUS only …

    This is the main reason why I haven’t shipped any knife packages outside of US yet.
  4. Jason183

    Wife beater

    Fujiwara FKM is a good beater I’ve used, laser geometry but also chip resistance. I cut bones with it no chipping issues. Only downside is it won’t hold the edge longer than VG10, you have to refresh the edge often, but it’s pretty quick/easy/safe to do so on honing rod. Chipping issues depends...
  5. Jason183

    Hi-soft vs other cutting boards?

    Hi-soft cutting boards is good for Very thin BTE knives for example my Konosuke YS(Yoshikane), I haven’t detected any microchipping issues on the edge at work while cutting different kinds of ingredients until I brought home one day and cutting it on a wooden cutting board(just one potato test...
  6. Jason183

    Thoughts on Global knives?

    For tuna fish it’s easy to tell the difference between Akami and Toro. But for salmon it’s quite difficult. The silvery portion also an indication of fattiest part of the fish.
  7. Jason183

    Crooked wa handle - fixable?

    Agreed, I won’t take the risk either if the vendor offers the full refund for returning the knife. If you’re really unsure where exactly the bent point was, it can be problematic to fix.
  8. Jason183

    Thoughts on Global knives?

    I think there’s reason why master sushi chef doesn’t take off the “sliver” part: 1. It’s not skin, it’s edible 2. It makes better presentation
  9. Jason183


    High grit stone slurry works too if you don’t have Uchi powders. I normally apply some 8k kitayama stone slurry to the blade surface with paper towels after the high grit sand papers, it cuts even smoother. But the main reason your Hatsukokoro causing drag is because the Nashiji finish. Same...
  10. Jason183

    Crooked wa handle - fixable?

    I fixed it with Saya, or you can try with two piece of flat wood, put the blade in between then bent it. Apply little force at first see how far it can go. If you try to bent it on the desk make sure you have another piece of wood to lay it on top of the blade.
  11. Jason183

    Myojin SG2 240 - Impressions (Update 2) OUL Line, recently they changed to Hado, both from the same company.
  12. Jason183

    Myojin SG2 240 - Impressions (Update 2)

    Well it’s different company, I have one of the White #1 stainless clad Tanaka too, unless you can convince Kosuke to make those.
  13. Jason183

    Myojin SG2 240 - Impressions (Update 2)

    From what I’ve heard the stainless clad carbon Fujiyama isn’t going to happen. If Myojin can get those R2 from Takefu then it’s possible for Ginsan too, although my personal favorite was SKD12 for the Stainless/Semi stainless but I don’t think he is able to get those SKD12 steels.
  14. Jason183

    Yoshikane differences?

    The Hatsukokoro one I had was from the knife roll, liked you described, more thicker and tougher, a little bit more workhorse feel to it.
  15. Jason183

    Yoshikane differences?

    If I’m choosing between 2 Yoshikanes, I would be looking at the spec sheet for the personal preference. Sometimes it can vary between different batches. My first Yoshikane was Hatsukokoro brand, 4mm+ on the heel spine with 240mm edge length, it wedges on carrots. My 2nd Yoshikane (Kono YS) 3.2...